Wakanda-inspired EDC pocket knife comes with a titanium handle, mandala pattern, and spear-point blade

Looking like the kind of Vibranium dagger King T’Challa or his trusted general Okoye would carry on covert missions, the Mandala EDC Knife has a beautiful indigenous-meets-futurism appeal to it. The knife itself boasts a Titanium handle with a colorful Mandala-inspired enamel inlay, a hollow roller-bearing, and a spear-point M390 steel blade that’s sharp on both the edges as well as the tip, making the Mandala EDC Knife an incredible tactical tool. At 3.14 inches (80mm) in length when closed, the Mandala EDC Knife is perfect for carrying around with you wherever you go, and with its ambidextrous design and double-edged blade, it’s arguably the perfect EDC knife for everything from opening boxes to defeating the enemies of the Wakandan kingdom.

Designer: MTI

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The ethnofuturistic knife measures a mere 80mm (3.14 inches) when closed, opening up to 130mm or 5.11 inches when opened. The knife’s designed with a bilaterally symmetrical form, which means it’s functional and ergonomic no matter how you hold it. The spear-point blade comes made from M390 steel, known for its toughness, corrosion resistance, and ability to stay sharp without succumbing to wear and tear.

The crown jewel of the Mandala EDC Knife, however, remains that beautiful enamel detail right in the center. Sitting underneath the wonderful ‘hubless’ roller bearing hinge, it provides a refreshing, vibrant punctuation to an otherwise monochrome metallic design. The mandala hides a liner lock mechanism right underneath it which allows the blade to lock once deployed, so it never accidentally closes on you.

The Mandala EDC Knife is easy to deploy, and provides a versatile experience, thanks to its deadly-sharp blade. The spear-point design makes it great for piercing or ramming into surfaces like wood or the ground. The edges on either side work remarkably well for all slicing and cutting activities, whether for tactical use, outdoor use, kitchen use, or just everyday use at home. The Mandala EDC Knife comes in two colors, a sandblasted silver, and a much more alluring Wakanda-inspired black titanium. The knife, priced at a discounted $249, shops globally, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. WAKANDA FOREVER!

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $399 (32% off) Hurry! Only 10 days left!