You can build this ‘transformer’ couch in any shape by joining pieces together like LEGO bricks

Designed by the same folks who brought us the award-winning Transformer Table that could expand from a two-seater to a twelve-seater, the Transformer Couch gives you the freedom to design a couch to exactly fit your space. Buy the couch as a set of modules and plug them together at home in any shape. You can make a single linear couch to sit five, a couch and two armchairs, or an L-shaped sofa for people to sit and recline on. The modules make building the couch of your dreams easy, but more importantly, they make carrying the couch from one house to another easy too… so you don’t have to try and PIVOT like Ross Geller.

Designer: Transformer Table

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Simply put, a couch is made up of 5 different components – a structural base, a structural backrest, two sets of cushions, and an armrest. While most couches come with these components pre-assembled, the Transformer Couch doesn’t. Instead, it gives you the freedom to put them together in a manner of your choosing. Sort of like taking an IKEA meets Build-a-bear approach to the couch, the Transformer Couch lets you choose the number of modules, cushions, and armrests you want based on how many people you’ll be seating.

Two-seater Loveseat

3-seater L-shaped with Ottoman

4-seater U-shaped with Ottomans

Once the couch ships to you in its multiple parts, you can merely plug them together to create different shapes, designs, and orientations. Make a couch for 3 with a set of Ottomans to match, or an L or U-shaped couch for lounging on, or just two sofa sets facing each other for an intense game night. The Transformer Couch lets you assemble, disassemble, and re-assemble your couch as many times, switching things up as often as you want. “Customizable. Comfortable. Practical. Endlessly Rearrangeable”, say the designers responsible for this shapeshifting piece of furniture.

5-seater Couch with Armchairs

6-seater U-frontCouch

7-seater Couch

Each Transformer Couch comes made from eco-sourced solid wood on the inside, with high-density foam padding for comfort, and 100% high-quality, stain-resistant polyester fabric on the outside that’s easy to maintain. The modules feature connectors made from steel, which allow you to comfortably plug and unplug them on command, while floor-protector-lined acacia-wood legs let you move the modules around rather easily too, without worrying about damaging your hardwood floors. Speaking of damage, the sofas are virtually stain-proof, and in the event that you do end up pulling off a Joey Tribbiani and dropping some spaghetti in red sauce on the fabric, the fabric covers zip right off, and are designed to be machine-washable, so your couch remains as good as new.

8-seater Loveseat Couch

9-seater Couch

10-seater U-Couch

The Transformer Couch follows in the footsteps of its iconic predecessor, the Transformer Table, which still holds the title of the most-viewed product video on Instagram with 131 million views and counting. With its size-defying design, the Transformer Table could expand up to 7x its original size, going from 18-inches long to nearly 10-feet in length. The Transformer Couch adopts a similar mentality, with a design that’s rooted in customizability, allowing the user to freely change size, shape, and format on command. The Transformer Couch is up for pre-order, with a 1-year warranty, and free shipping across North America and to 35+ other countries worldwide.

Click Here to Buy Now: from $1,204 $1,606 (25% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!

Use coupon code “YANKO100” for $100 off sitewide. *Not valid for the Transformer Couch.