In this boundless sea of smartwatches, ZIIIRO still makes analog timepieces look incredibly appealing

ZIIIRO took the world by storm back in 2010 with its series of unconventional watches that had ‘zero’ hands on them. Designed around the philosophy of keeping time visual, the company developed a reputation for making watches that used art to tell the time. Moving gradients helped outline the hours and minutes, as each ZIIIRO watch aimed at being different from the kind of ‘boring’ timepieces that came out of Geneva. In fact, the watches found an incredibly passionate audience on YD, given the unique combination of form, function, and emotion. Today, ZIIIRO comes back with the XS, a smaller range of watches with a 31mm body (as opposed to the company’s 41mm watches). “The XS watch range is a small & refined version of our favorite designs,” says Derick Ip, Head of Business at ZIIIRO. “With a casing of only Ø 31 mm, it’s a better fit for small wrists and also an option if you just prefer an unobtrusive watch – no matter what gender you are.”

Designer: Robert Dabi (ZIIIRO)

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At a compact 31mm size, the XS watches are perfect for people who want to wear something understated and minimalist. ZIIIRO’s watches are known to have a visual impact, but their impact lies in their minimalism, which is what makes the XS such a perfect size for everyone, regardless of how big or small your wrist is. The small size doesn’t compromise on anything, from functionality to legibility. The watches are still eye-catching, easy to read, and are powered by a Japanese Miyota movement, known for their reliability.

Each watch sports a 316L stainless steel body, and pairs with a 16 mm Milanese mesh strap. Keeping in line with the watch’s minimal theme, the XS range also features a recessed crown that sits flush within its body, giving you one of the cleanest silhouettes ever.

The XS series come in two styles with minor variations between them. The Celeste style (above) features a broader hour swatch hovering below the gradient-lined minute hand, while the Horizon (below) has the same design, but with a narrower hour swatch. Both watches exploit the use of color by relying on a transparent rotating disc that serves as the minute hand. The transparent disc comes with a tinted gradient and a single line to denote the minutes. As the minutes pass, the watch face dramatically changes in its visual composition like one of Felipe Pantone’s artworks.

One could argue that the best thing about ZIIIRO’s watches is that it has absolutely ‘zero’ tech inside them. It sticks to analog but makes it interesting enough to be a statement piece. The watch doesn’t spy on you, doesn’t track your data, and doesn’t need charging every alternate day. It’s made with a reliable build, comes in as many as 9 different color options across the Celeste and Horizon styles, and boasts of 5 ATM water resistance.

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