Skeletonized Bolt carabiner made from titanium and brass is a trendy way to carry your keys

Carabiners are an important piece of climbing equipment for the outdoorsy, but for the random blokes like you and me, these metal loops have a great advantage when it comes to keeping the keys safe. Yes, there are a plethora of uses a carabiner can come in handy, from hanging bottles from the backpack to connecting ropes and tents; yet carrying keys would be an everyday use case, and I’ll tell you why?

How often have you found yourself running late to work or school only to notice, you don’t have the keys on you? Struggling at the last minute, in and out of the rooms, you realize the keys were hiding deep within your pant or jacket’s pocket. This is essentially why carabiners make attractive keychains to let you hang the keys at home and carry them safely in the loop of your plants.

Designer: EDC Apparatus

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For the benefit of Gen Z, which fancies modern and trendy equipment, the new version of the Bolt Carabiner V-II begs a gawk. Designed by EDC Apparatus, the Bolt is not an ordinary auto-locking or twist-locking carabiner; this one instead has a trigger on the opening side, which you slide down to open the gate. The rugged carabiner also sways from the ordinary D shape carabiners, it features a Question mark form factor, with an opening in the bottom to hold the keys for you.

The Bolt carabiner is not made of regular steel. It is made in a mix of CNC-machined grade 5 titanium and brass. The skeletonized body, as the makers like to mention, is designed for seamless one-hand operation. Capable of hanging various accessories, the carabiner is wear- and rust-resistant, however, we are not sure of its load-bearing capacity, so you might want to confirm the payload capacity since the makers suggest ‘it is unsuitable for cargo.’ Bolt carabiner is available in anodized blue or brown colors to choose from and measures only 83 mm in height. It is currently retailing for $119.