Combining light and flight!

Part toy, part illumination device, the CYRO lamp is full fun! Crafted out of white ash wood, the CYRO models itself on self-balancing toys, except the bird has 5 LEDs on its underbelly. The lamp can literally be placed on any surface and it will hold its position, balancing itself with the kind of grace that’s almost envious. Push it gently, and it will rock back and forth until it gradually settles down again. The bird comes with a lamp underneath that can be activated by tapping the upper part of the bird. Tap it once for 30% brightness and twice for maximum brightness. A third tap turns it off.

The bird/lamp also comes with a platform of its own that acts as not just a visually appealing base for the bird but also a charging dock. Modeled to look like a tree, the platform comes with a branch that the bird can dock into and charge itself. Once charged, the bird can be used on teh platform, or even carried around anywhere, turning into a toy/lamp wherever you need it. Useful but more importantly, playful too, the CYRO is a lamp with a unique user experience that isn’t easy to forget!

Designer: CYRO