Samsung and Jaden Smith Earth Day collab gives birth to stylish and sustainable accessories

Due to their sheer volume, consumer electronics, and especially mobile devices, might be one of the biggest contributors to the Earth’s demise. It is impossible at this point to turn back the clock or even quit cold turkey and give up these modern conveniences, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to mitigate their harmful effects. Some major brands have started switching to more sustainable materials, whether in packaging or in the devices themselves. Those aren’t the only opportunities for improvement, though, and this collaboration between Samsung and artist and designer Jaden Smith demonstrates how mobile accessories can also benefit from sustainable design while still being fashionable and eye-catching as any design can be.

Designer: Samsung x Jaden Smith (MSFTSrep)

Mobile accessories like cases and watch straps might even be bigger offenders when it comes to pollution and carbon emissions because they’re so cheap to make, especially when you use plastic materials. People usually go through them quickly and throw them away without a second thought. It doesn’t have to be like that, of course, but it takes intentional and conscientious actions to change for the better.

Samsung’s 2023 collection of eco-conscious accessories serves as a testament to how you don’t have to sacrifice quality and beauty for sustainability, as some might incorrectly presume. The set utilizes a variety of styles popularized by Jaden Smith’s clothing label, MSFTSrep (“misfits republic”), and showcases a variety of unique designs that express a vibrant and perhaps even rebellious spirit.

The MSFTSrep Trippy Summer Spiral and Wavy Rainbow, for example, bring a splash of color to cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy S23 Ultra. Although less flamboyant, the MSFTSrep Classic and Snowprint Galaxy Buds 2 Pro case and Galaxy Watch strap still carry distinct marks that celebrate the owner’s individuality and uniqueness.

The most important aspect of these fashionable accessories, however, is the fact that they use sustainable materials, both in their construction as well as they’re packaging. They use a combination of partially degradable plastic as well as TPU that contains recycled material from Samsung’s own manufacturing process waste. The products are also packaged in recycled paper with card stock printed using vegetable ink. Created to celebrate Earth Day next week, these designs try to send a message that being sustainable is now fashionable, and, fortunately, major brands are finally making it easier to get these products into the hands of the masses.