This travel cutting board with a built-in knife cuts out the stress of food prep on the go

We’ve covered the EDC beat and the outdoor/travel beat for the past few decades and there’s one thing we realized doesn’t quite exist – The perfect compact chef’s knife and board combo. In fact, let me go two steps further and say that in the 20 years we’ve covered design as a whole, we’ve seen outdoor tents, campfires, lanterns, stools, furniture, cutlery even… but the one area that’s been grossly neglected is the outdoor-friendly cutting board. You’re probably accustomed to just carrying the cutting board and knife you’ve got in the kitchen to the outdoors, but I’m here to tell you that there’s a better way! The BA/CA Board is a compact, travel-friendly cutting board that’s perfect indoors and outdoors… because it also happens to have a chef’s knife docked right into it! The cutting board doubles as a sheath for your knife, making it safer and easier to carry outdoors, and if you’re not a travel-bug, The BA/CA Board works just as well in your indoor kitchen, conveniently organizing your knife and board together so you can easily begin meal prep in just seconds. Standing for Bring Anywhere and Cut Anything, The BA\CA Board shows how out-of-the-box thinking and clever attention to detail can create a novel solution that literally works for everyone, everywhere!

Designer: AK Studios Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $120 $149 (20% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

In effect, the BA\CA Board acts as a knife holder like the ones you might have in the kitchen, except it’s portable and easy to carry around. The knife slots perfectly into the side of the board, and a strong magnetic retention system makes sure that the razor-sharp 440c stainless steel knife stays put and safe inside, no matter how much the board shakes and jiggles, whether it’s in your bag, on the boat or in the RV.

The cutting board itself is a work of engineering and art despite its unassuming appearance. Made from a staggered grain hard maple wood butcher block, the board is specially manufactured to resist warping and cracking. It’s perfectly portable size makes it easy to stash quickly inside any bag or compartment, while its minimalist design will make you proud to have it hanging for everyone to see. This product would be a great fit for van life, boating, wilderness camping, or just those looking to enjoy a picnic or equip their city apartment kitchen.

Magnetic Retention System – Secures the knife in the board until you’re ready to use it.

440c Stainless Steel – The knife is honed to a razor-sharp edge.

Drainage Channel – This allows for deep cleaning and proper drying.

Juice Groove – Keep the juices where you want them and your work surface clear and clean.

Bottle Opener – Perfectly sized to pop tops.

The BA\CA Board’s story doesn’t end there, though, and it’s the little details that really make this cooking tool shine. For example, the groove near the edges of the board isn’t just a random design detail but actually functions as a canal for juices to drain out of and keep your work area clean. There’s also a drainage channel that makes cleaning and maintaining both the board and knife easy and painless. The knife itself also has a secret talent in the form of a bottle opener on the dull edge, removing the need to have another tool you might forget at home.

From the simple design choices to the high quality of the manufacturing, the attention even to the smallest detail makes The BA\CA Board the sharpest knife in the drawer. Or rather the sharpest drawer for the sharpest knife. AK Studios prides itself in making high-quality products designed to outlast most others. That perfectionism even extends to the maintenance kit, which includes a dual-sided diamond sharpening plate, a 100% heavyweight cotton maintenance cloth, a 2oz amber glass bottle of food-safe mineral oil for re-oiling the board on the go, and even some black paracord for hanging your board if you so choose. The BA\CA Board come with everything you need for a worry-free outdoor cooking experience as well as the tools to keep the board and knife in top shape. The preorder pricing of $120 is a steal given the quality of these tools, which have a retail price of $150.00. Life is an adventure and so is cooking – The BA/CA Board just makes the adventure a much more pleasant and enjoyable one!

Click Here to Buy Now: $120 $149 (20% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!