Fortune cookie-inspired wooden chair/work pod that literally opens up like a fortune cookie

The quality of a chair has the power to determine and control the quality of your day. It’s true! For example – if you don’t have an ergonomic and comfortable chair to work on, your entire workday is going to feel not so comfy, and your back is probably going to pay the price for it later. I mean, we do spend the majority of our day sitting on chairs, whether we’re working in our home office, enjoying a meal, or simply sitting and reading a book for leisure. So, picking an excellent chair is a pretty important decision, more important than you thought. And if you’re looking for a good chair, may I recommend the Fortune Chair?

Designer: Hyeyoung Han and Hanyoung Lee

Designed by Hyeyoung Han and Hanyoung Lee, the Fortune Chair is really a mix between a bean bag, chair, and a pod, and it also happens to look like a fortune cookie. That’s quite an eclectic and confusing mix of traits, so let me break it down for you. Much like its name suggests, the Fortune Chair is, in fact, inspired by a fortune cookie. Once you crack upon a fortune cookie, which is a pretty exciting process by itself, you’re rewarded with an inspirational little note that provides you a sneak peek into your future or gives you some cliche motto to live by. Although the experience is quite old-school now, there’s no denying that it’s quite fun and amusing as well. And these are the sentiments that the designers wanted to capture in their chair.

The chair includes a fortune cookie-inspired wooden outer wall, which functions as a covering frame that surrounds the user. This outer wall creates a cozy, comfortable, and private space for the user to sit in. So, irrespective if you’re working in a corporate office or at home, the Fortune Chair functions as a little oasis for you to work in peace, much like the office pods we find today in commercial offices.

There is a bean bag placed within the wall, which serves as a calm and fluffy spot to sit in and finish your work. The bean bag is like the little hopeful note you find within a fortune cookie. When not in use, you can actually close the chair, and it looks like an unopened fortune cookie. This helps to efficiently store away the chair without cluttering up the room and also incites a sense of curiosity when someone looks at it.