This Tactical Titanium EDC multitool splits apart to cleverly turn into an iPhone stand

I don’t say this often because I can be a little anal about multitools, but the M-Stand is quite literally the perfect EDC. It’s versatile, compact, lightweight, powerful, durable, and cleverly balances between tactical and casual roles – for example, it can go from being a self-defense tool to a smartphone stand in under 10 seconds. The M-Stand is styled like a standard push dagger, but comes with a few clever design details that make it much more versatile than it outwardly looks. A seam running down the middle of the dagger lets you split it apart into two pieces, only to magnetically snap it back together around a necklace, belt loop, or carabiner for easy carrying. Made from durable titanium (with neodymium magnets holding the two halves together), the M-Stand also has a rope cutter, bottle opener, two wrenches, a pry tool, a fire starter, and a tritium holder built into its compact design. Moreover, the two finger grips on either side of the multitool help prop up your phone or tablet at a precise 45° angle when used in stand mode, giving you a multitool you can comfortably use both indoors as well as outdoors.

Designer: ActMax

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The push dagger’s history dates back to the 19th century in the Southern United States, where it was carried as a concealed weapon for close combat and personal protection. Politicians often wore these daggers into state and federal buildings, even the United States Capitol as a self-defense tactical tool before small pistols became the personal weapon of choice. Today, the push dagger exists as yet another tactical EDC tool, although the M-Stand is reinventing how they’re perceived by giving the push dagger a contemporary revival. In its new avatar, the M-Stand is the perfect multitool to get you through everyday kerfuffles. It’s great for self-defense, but also works as a remarkable tool for opening bottles, tightening/loosening bolts and screws, and even propping your phone up so you can watch videos whenever you want.

Part tactical blade, part everyday multitool, the M-Stand gets you through all of life’s problems. Its titanium construction gives it that durability and reliability that tool-steel multitools just don’t have. The titanium build makes the M-Stand lightweight, incredibly resilient, and corrosion-resistant. Magnetic inserts allow the two halves to snap together on command, so you can carry your M-Stand wherever you go. When you need to use the M-Stand as a tactical device, simply wear it between your index and middle fingers and the dual-edge design and sharp blade are perfect for self-defense as well as for punching holes into bags of food, beer cans, or whittling away at wood. The edges also work rather well as pry bars, and for removing nails.

The magnetic design makes it easy to snap the M-Stand around a necklace, lanyard, carabiner, or belt loop for easy carrying.

Split the M-Stand open and its other details prove to be incredibly handy. An integrated bottle opener makes the M-Stand the quintessential multitool, while two wrenches let you open/tighten small bolts around you or even mount standard S2 hex bits to turn the M-Stand into a comprehensive screwdriver. A built-in rope cutter on the inside lets you use the M-Stand to slice away at ropes, cords, seatbelts, et al, while the cutter’s blade remains somewhat recessed, so you don’t ever accidentally cut yourself. Right beside the rope cutter is also a crawl space between the two halves also lets you store an S2 bit within the M-Stand, while the magnets hold the bit in place.

The phone/tablet stand is perhaps the M-Stand’s most clever feature. Split the EDC into its two halves and rest them magnet-side down on a table with the blades facing away from you, and you’ve got yourself a nifty phone and tablet stand that lets you easily dock your device at a 45° angle that’s perfect for browsing the internet, taking video calls, or just watching movies or reading books whenever you want. The M-Stand is reliable enough to hold up even large tablets, giving it a productivity feature that most EDC tools lack!

At a mere 56 grams (1.9 ounces), the M-Stand is as lightweight as it’s functional. It comes in a sandblasted finish that enhances its tactical aesthetic, and can be further customized by inserting tritium vials into the slots machined onto the multitool’s body. The M-Stand is priced at a discounted $69 which also includes a pre-installed 4mm hex bit, and an exquisite package for your multitool. Luminous tritium vials are available as a $12 add-on, and you can even choose to upgrade your M-Stand to include black, purple, or blue anodized finishes. The M-Stand ships free globally, starting May 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $99 (30% Off) Hurry! Only 6 days to go!