This ergonomic office chair was designed to make the sedentary WFH lifestyle more comfortable and healthy

With a full-mesh design that boosts breathability, a contoured back for lumbar support, and an adjustable multi-dimensional headrest, the Sihoo M57 is the most ideal ergonomic office chair on a budget.

Touted as one of the best-selling office chairs, the M57 really nails the basics and ticks all the boxes. It can be adjusted and personalized to custom perfection, giving you the ideal arrangement and letting you go from upright work-mode to reclined break-mode in mere seconds. The breathable highly elastic tensile mesh fabric keeps you cool and comfortable, while a foam-covered lumbar pillow keeps your back in the right posture so you don’t feel the fatigue of the WFH lifestyle.

Designer: Sihoo

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Every part of the M57 is designed for prolonged comfort, from the S-shaped backrest with the adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow, to the waterfall-arc seat that keeps the circulation in your thighs going so you never get tired of putting in the long hours. The backrest goes from 90° to 126°, and the headrest can be made to move up or down or even angle-adjusted as per your liking. The lumbar cushion moves up and down too, as well as forward or backward, and the M57’s 3D handlebars are designed to be some of the most ergonomic on any office chair, with the ability to move forward and backward, up and down, and even rotate on their axis for 360° adjustability.

Each M57 is built for longevity, from the bottom up. The chair’s base is crafted from a light but durable aluminum alloy, while the chair’s functional and load-bearing parts are all mechanical steel. The frames use tough polypropylene plastic, while the armrest is a combination of polyamide for toughness and polyurethane for that soft, leathery texture.

The lumbar cushion uses a foam material, while the backrest, seat, and headrest all employ a polyethylene + polyester mesh fabric that’s elastic, tensile, and incredibly breathable. Users have a choice of getting their M57 in either black or gray variants, with the ability to opt for carpet or hard-floor-friendly caster wheels. The M57 comes with a pretty impressive 3-year warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $185 $309.99 ($90 off + an additional 5% off with YD coupon code “8HCHKZM3”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours.