This tiny customizable power bank features swappable modules like a lamp and a replaceable battery

About as small as a BIC lighter, the Buddie is a handy little power bank that has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only does it feature a replaceable Li-ion battery on the inside (so you can swap batteries instead of waiting for the entire power bank to charge), but it also comes with a unique modular architecture, allowing you to swap out the 20W USB-C head for a powerful portable lamp. The Buddie team also plans on launching new modules in the future including a portable fan and razor, giving your power bank new powers!

Designer: Buddie Design

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While most power banks are clunky, heavy, monolithic devices, the Buddie sidesteps all those predispositions to just be refreshingly different. Power banks are supposed to be convenient, which is what the Buddie’s design tries to embrace. The power bank comes with a design compact enough to slide right into your pocket, and sports modular accessories that let you use the internal battery for more than just charging devices. Speaking of the internal battery, the Buddie actually lets you swap out the lithium-ion cell on the inside, letting you go from a dead power bank to a fully charged one just by replacing the battery. To facilitate this, the Buddie comes with two Li-ion cells – one that sits inside the power bank, and another that’s kept on reserve for when you need extra juice.

Functionally, the Buddie works just like any other power bank would. It sports a 5000mAh Li-ion battery on the inside capable of outputting up to 20W to fast-charge your phone, earbuds, or even your tablet. A charging module snaps onto one end of the Buddie to help you connect a cable to it, while the other end of the Buddie sports a lid that lets you open it to replace the internal battery.

Where the Buddie shines (both figuratively and literally) is in its modular design that lets you use the internal battery cell for more than just charging gadgets. The charging module on the end of the Buddie can be swapped out for an outdoor lamp module, turning your Buddie into a baton of light that’s perfect for the outdoors as well as the indoors. The 90-lumen light has a color range of 3500-4000K, mimicking the warmth of candlelight, and a run-time of 20 hours on a full battery.

This unique modular design is what truly sets the Buddie apart. While the folks behind Buddie are hoping to expand on this modular ecosystem with different swappable blocks, the idea in itself is quite a game-changer. It gives the power bank some much needed versatility, making it more of a must-have while traveling.

To facilitate the swappable battery system, each Buddie comes with two batteries (one active and one spare) as well as a dedicated charger that lets you keep your battery cells juiced at all times. The charger, which lets you charge even regular AA batteries, comes with a dedicated LED display to let you know charge levels and power consumption levels while plugged in.

The Buddie measures a mere 3.5 inches long and weighs just under 3.5 ounces with the battery inside. Each Buddie comes with two batteries, a charger, a USB-C charging module, and a lamp module. The Buddie team is working on other modules that should launch in the near future. Grab your Buddie bundle for a discounted price of $59, with global shipping as early as July 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 (34% off) Hurry! Only 24 hours left!