These phone cases send a chilling warning against texting while driving

You don’t really think twice before glancing down at your phone while driving. It’s one of those illegal yet seemingly harmless things everyone seems to do. Uber drivers do it all the time, often toggling app and map functions WHILE driving. You’re 23 times more likely to crash your car while texting but people pay little notice to such warnings.

Volkswagen Sweden and Nord DDB help bring to light the dangers of texting while driving with their series of crashed cases… cases made from metal repurposed from cars that met with accidents because their drivers were texting while driving. It serves as a chilling reminder, looking at the case of your phone to see actual scratch marks and dents from where the car collided. Teaming up with metal artist Lennart Wintermyr, 153 phone cases will be developed and sold, with all the profits going to Trafikskadefonden, which help with the rehabilitation of victims of traffic incidents and/or their families. If you do know someone who has a propensity to text while driving, you could consider buying them a case that helps give them a reality check any time they feel the need to engage with their phone while driving.

Designer: Nord DDB, Lennart Wintermyr, Volkswagen.