LED-enabled Switchboard automatically turns on in the dark to guide you through hallways at night

You’ll never stub your toes in the dark ever again…

It’s simple, it’s practical, it’s pure genius. The SnapPower GuideLight 2 is a simple switchboard with a key upgrade – it comes with its own built-in LED strip that automatically activates in the dark to help illuminate your space just enough to help you make your way around the house. The GuideLight 2 plugs right into your mains and doesn’t need to be switched on or off. The entire lighting system sits right within the form factor of your switchboard without blocking any sockets, so you can still use them to plug in floor lamps, smart speakers, or other appliances around the house.

Designer: SnapPower

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The SnapPower GuideLight 2 is a universally compatible switchboard that gives your home a clever little upgrade. Designed to work with most houses and socket types, the switchboard is easy to install and requires minimal wiring. Once fitted into the wall, the GuideLight 2 automatically turns into a lighting fixture. A light sensor built into the bottom corner of the GuideLight 2 detects when the room gets dark and automatically switches the LED strip under the Guidelight 2 on. The LED strip casts a faint diffused glow against the wall, enough to dimly illuminate any room so you can navigate through it without stumbling over furniture. The only caveat is that the switchboard can only be installed in open areas and not in places where it’s obstructed by furniture or appliances.

Each GuideLight 2 comes with warm LEDs that have a lifespan of over 25 years. The switchboards require minimal effort to install, don’t have any visible wires, don’t rely on batteries, and most importantly, allow you to use your sockets as intended. They’re perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use, and can easily help guide you to different rooms or to the nearest light switch, so you don’t have to switch your mobile flashlight on every time you need to go to the john or head to the kitchen to make yourself a quick midnight PB&J!

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