This drop-dead gorgeous bathtub made from translucent resin makes a dramatic impression

One of my favorite times of the day is bathtime! As, we’ve grown older and life has gotten super hectic, bathtime is that precious hour of the day when we can fully indulge in self-care, and pamper ourselves. Whether that’s in the form of a bubble bath or a long warm shower! And having a beautifully designed bathroom with thoughtful designs will only amplify this special time of the day. And one such well-designed and thoughtful product I recently came across is the Amore translucent resin bath by Lusso.

Designer: Lusso

A great bathtub is essential for a great bathroom, that is of course if you have a bathroom that is spacious enough to accommodate a bathtub. And British bathroom brand Lusso recently launched the Amore. What makes Amore so special? Probably the fact that it looks drop-dead gorgeous. Designed to make a dramatic and magnificent impression, the Amore is a freestanding bathtub made from translucent resin. Designed by the Lusso founder Wayne Spriggs, the choice of material for Amore was truly ingenious. It’s what imparts the bathtub with its truly unique and awe-spiring appearance. It is available in two colors – smoked black and rich amber red. Both colors have a rather mysterious and seductive appeal to them.

“While many of our collections are influenced by the timeless, minimal style that’s synonymous with Scandinavia and Japan, for our new collection of Amore freestanding baths we’ve turned to the Mediterranean for inspiration,” said Spriggs. The Amore tub features a curved capsule form supported by clean straight sides. It’s a far cry from Lusso’s usual bathtubs which are built using stone or marble. Amore was Lusso’s attempt to break free from tradition, and build a bathtub that can instantly “wow people”. And the brand did succeed in imparting Amore with a strong wow factor.

Amore boasts a deep sense of Italian design, which lends a rather sophisticated and elegant air to the tub. At the same time, it has a rather playful and sensual vibe to it as well, which is owing to the deep rich tones of the tub. It is 1700 millimeters in length, but is still quite lightweight, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The brand says that the tub will pair perfectly with their black or brushed gold freestanding bath taps!