Harness the power of our Solar System from your desk


The DeskSpace, as beautiful as it is, had one crucial element missing. Made from polished precious minerals, the DeskSpace displayed the entire solar system on your desk, arranged in linear order, comprising every planet made from the appropriately selected gemstone. However, the biggest piece to that cosmic family photo wasn’t factored in until now. Carved out of a single piece of premium golden calcite is the very heart of our solar system, the sun. Designed to work as a mood lamp, the sun comes with its own appropriate lighting too, which shimmers through the calcite crystal, feeling just as if you’ve got the solar star on your desktop!

Available in three different sizes, the DeskSpace’s sun replica comes with an anodized aluminum base that hosts a dimmable light inside. The golden calcite does a remarkable job of scattering and diffusing the light to mimic the sun’s mysterious, calming glow. The rare calcite is sustainably mined in Mexico. Each gemstone is washed before being cut into precise cubes by diamond saws. These cubes are then hand-shaped into spheres by expert craftsmen who achieve the stunning spherical form through decades of practice, before being meticulously buffed and polished to an immaculate finish.

The Solar Sun Mood Lamp extends Deskspace’s philosophy of paying tribute to our solar system. Just like the planetary series, the Sun comes in its own case, along with an informational booklet about the product, the material, the process, and with facts about the sun. Made to work as a desk accessory, the Sun goes perfectly well with the solar system collection (It’s appropriately bigger in size too), but also works wonderfully as a mood lamp (some would say, its original purpose), going from emitting a powerful, mystical halo of light, to a subtle, calming glow.

Designer: DeskX

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The DeskSpace Solar Sun Mood Lamp is handcrafted crafted from Golden Calcite gemstone, that is prized for its mesmerizing texture and clarity. It allows the light to spread within the sphere and to radiate into the room. You can now bring the sun into your home and capture a small part of that power.


Without overpowering the senses, this light is visually striking and will create a gentle glow in any room.


Great as a subtle night light for the bedside table or to capture the beauty of your desk accessories, it emits a room-enhancing glow, that gives a sense of relaxation and peace.




DeskX worked tirelessly to source the exact material that would showcase the unique way that the sun emits light. The material needed to be able to both encase the light and emit it gently and evenly. Their worldwide search resulted in Golden Calcite – a unique crystalline structure with a translucent appearance that has a softness and warmth that they could not find in any other material.



The base uses aerospace grade aluminum that has been anodized to a Deep Space Grey.


The highly mirrored finish of the logo perfectly sets the tone for this piece and the added technology of a bespoke magnetic charging cable (also anodized to match the base) gives you the discretion you need.



The Sun Mood Lamp is available in three different sizes and each can have the LED lighting adjusted to fit your mood. The illumination can range from a soft mood light to a brighter focal point – but always the Golden Calcite ensures the light is diffused and softened.


Small 4cm +/- 0.5cm


Medium 6cm +/- 0.5cm


Large 8cm +/- 0.5cm


Bundled with the Sun Mood Lamp is a high quality, heavyweight book full of interesting and intriguing facts about the Sun.


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