Forget smart lamps, these modular pixelated LED panels let you practically design your own ambiance

NFTs? Who needs them when you can make your own art on these pixelated panels!? The Twinkly Squares are a series of endlessly modular 8×8 LED panels that contain a total of 64 individually addressable LEDs. Use them as individual units or pair them together to create the canvas you want, creating wonderfully lo-fi art pieces that complement your space and add a touch of light and color to your home/tech/gaming setup.

Designer: Twinkly

The panels are easy to install, and can be oriented in a variety of styles (instead of just the square and rectangular shapes). The ultra-sleek panels sit just a few millimeters off the surface of the wall and illuminate in a total of 16 million colors.

The Twinkly Squares boast compatibility with smart home setups like Google, Apple, and Alexa, letting you control the lighting with your voice, or even synchronize it to your music. For gamers, there’s even support for Razer chroma RGB & OMEN Light Studio, allowing you to map your screen’s colors to the LED light panel for an even more immersive experience. The Twinkly app also lets you browse effects, patterns, and gradients, while even giving you the freedom to individually control each LED pixel to make your own artwork. Alternatively, you could take images and turn them into lo-fi pixel art pieces through the app too!