The PhoneSoap sterilizes your smartphone with UV rays… and charges it too!

Here’s the caveat with taking care of your hygiene. You could wear a mask to protect your nose and mouth, you could sing Happy Birthday 20 times a day while washing your hands, and you could make real, conscious efforts to avoid touching your face, but what happens when you get a phone call? You lift the phone off your table, swipe up to accept the call, and then hold the phone against your ear for anywhere between 2 and 20 minutes. They tell you to wash your hands, but they forget to tell you to sanitize your phone, which roughly holds 25,000 bacteria per square inch (it’s statistically one of the dirtiest things you could touch).

Now before you take a wet-wipe to your phone or spray it with Kleenex, it’s worth noting that your smartphone is layered with oleophobic coatings to prevent oils and solvents from damaging it, rendering most disinfectants ineffective. The PhoneSoap, as its name rightfully suggests, was designed for this exact purpose. Rather than using cleaning solvents, PhoneSoap uses UV rays to kill 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses on your phone in merely 10 minutes.

PhoneSoap 3 is the smallest and most powerful product in the PhoneSoap family. Designed to be like a tanning-bed for your smartphone, the PhoneSoap 3 uses high-wavelength UV-C rays on both sides to sterilize your smartphone. Its large chamber fits phones of all sizes and even allows you to charge your phone using its internal 6500mAh battery pack! Just lock your phone and pop it into the chamber and PhoneSoap 3 runs a 10-minute cycle to deep-clean your device, entering even the tough-to-reach spots like the speaker-grilles. An LED indicator on the top tells you when the cycle is over, so you can take your phone out knowing that it’s completely clean after hours of touching hands, faces, and resting on unknown surfaces.

Designer: PhoneSoap

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