Light up your day!

The Soft Impression lamp is a desktop novelty thats only aim is to cheer up your day! Its shade is the worldwide symbol for happiness- a yellow smily 🙂 The balloon acts as a shade over the light source and can be inflated and deflated to various sizes of the user’s liking by using a simple squish pump. As an added bonus, you can use it as a punching bag when coworkers are on your nerves!

Designer: Oyi Ya


  • Mariano says:

    I like the positive spirit! But I think designers (concept or student designers) should stop randomly using well known brands in their products just because it helps to make the product look “cool”. When designing for a brand (any brand) there should be a whole research about the company strategy, image, style, history, etc. And I definitely believe your design doesn’t belong to the PHILIPS line of products.

  • Yaoyi says:

    Thank you for your advice.This is the first prize in Philips engineer competition 2008 in China.So It can only use this brand

  • pchy says:

    good job!!

  • rossi says:

    hi dear:

    Will this where to buy?

    i very love you desing!!


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