Lenovo unveils two eco-conscious ThinkVision mini-LED monitors with 4K and human presence detection built-in

For editors, VFX specialists, and creatives; creating content that stands out is of umpteen importance. To achieve this, high-quality visuals are essential for delivering impactful creations. This gives rise to the demand for monitors capable of delivering accurate colors and high contrast to limit inaccuracies. Whilst all the brands tussling it out for the consumer share, Lenovo with the ThinkVision displays has been able to impress the content creators to the core courtesy of best-in-class color accuracy.

Expanding on the already thriving display tech, Lenovo has rolled out a duo of mini-LED monitors in the ThinkVision line-up made from post-consumer recycled materials throughout with the base comprising 90 percent aluminum. Dubbed the ThinkVision P27pz-30 and P32pz-30, the monitors feature backlit displays featuring thousands of mini-LEDs.

Designer: Lenovo

Staying true to ThinkVision’s trusted image as high-end monitors for creators, these two monitors tout 4K resolution (3840 x 2160p). The two monitors are available in 27- and 31.5-inch display sizes while the screen supports HDR10 and Display HDR1000 certification.

Lenovo suggests the monitors feature 1,152 dimming zones, which essentially minimize the blurring halo effect, and allow the screen to deliver deeper blacks, high contrast, and brighter lit areas for a crispy, natural-colored image. The screens can reach a peak brightness of 1200 nits with the native software allowing for easy color correction.

What really makes these two displays stand out is their three-sided borderless design. There is a broad chin, but otherwise, the three other sides have a negligible bezel. With a 16:9 aspect ratio and 178-degree viewing angle, the monitors have a low 60Hz refresh rate. So, no matter the vividness when it comes to displaying the brightest visuals from the color gamut, the screens are not the best for someone with a gaming aspect in mind.

For the ones who really like saving the littlest possible energy, these irresistible mini-LED displays feature human detection and light sensors. The former is not a new feature in monitors, but it effectively dims the screen when the monitor detects the user has stepped away, the light sensors on the other hand automatically adjust the screen brightness to sync with the ambient lighting, to minimize stress on the user’s eyes.

Interestingly, both the ThinkVision P27pz-30 and P32pz-30 can connect with laptops, tablets or smartphones using USB-C or ThunderboltTM. Being OS-agnostic (capable of running with any operating system) these ThinkVision Mini LED monitors can also support two additional UHD displays. Offering impressive data transfer speeds, the Lenovo monitors offer three Type-C, four Type-A, and two HDMI 2.1 ports along with DP and Enternet ports for connectivity.