Built on Humvee trailer chassis, tiny BluMobile produces its own power and water for unmatched off-grid life

As a weekend warrior ready for an Overlanding expedition, what do you want from the trailer you’d be towing along? If it’s robust off-roading capability, water, power, work desk, lots of storage, and overnight accommodation; you can strike a deal with BluOasis’s BlueMobile.

Based on a Humvee trailer chassis, this ultimate off-road-ready trailer is ideal for Overlanding or off-grid camping. This we say because, in addition to its military-grade off-road chassis, this guy can generate its own solar power and water from an onboard atmospheric water generator.

Designer: BluOasis

We have definitely been through hordes of trailers with impressive off-grid capabilities, but the differentiator here is that the BlueMobile packs 1.5kW of external solar panels and water-making capabilities in a petit form factor mobile trailer. The deployable solar panels on the rooftop would be nothing without matching power storage. The BluMobile trailer puts power storage on the forefront with a 15kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack.

BluMobile trailer is primarily designed as an off-grid base camp of sorts for adventurers or perhaps a tiny accommodation with requisite supplies on a remote job site. The trailer features 4,250 liters of internal storage that can accommodate your equipment and cargo. As an RV it also makes room for up to four people to sleep in. The additional room for a queen-size bed (besides a double bed below) is made possible with the pop-up roof.

It’s not the most comfortable trailer, but for off-grid living, the BluMobile uses BluOasis’s water generator which condenses humidity from the air and runs the separated water through a UV-enabled filtration system. At about 60 percent of humidity, the atmospheric water generator can generate 38 liters of drinking water in a day, which can be stored in an onboard 150 liters tank.

The power requirement for remote working, cooking, and overnight parties is all taken care of by the interesting electrical setup connected to the solar panels and storage batteries. Without the solar panels, the BluMobile starts at $24,500. The cost of the trailer appropriate for permanent off-grid families – increases with add-ons and customization.