This modular desk rack saves space, organizes stuff like you’ve always wanted to

Cluttered desk drawers affect us in more ways than one can comprehend – virtually 90 percent of us are rippled by the perils of it. Also, they are the main cause of stress and diminished productivity. Well, who doesn’t desire to make the most of their time at the desk or in front of the screen? That’s where the Otis Customizable Desk Organizer designed by Miami-based studio Practiko comes into play.

The modular rack for your desk setup can be used in a standing position or hung from the desk underside too. The choice purely depends on the kind of available space and the use-case scenarios. The transition between different work modes can be easily adapted by the removable tray system which makes this desk organizer a must-have.

Designer: Lorenzo Vega

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Otis provides flexible customized spacing that helps you organize and categorize things. Making it much easier to access things. Sure, drawer organizers are an option, but they don’t always fit right, waste space and add to the clutter in the long run. Otis solves this with movable dividers to maximize usable space. Otis Rack units – the hanger and drawer – can be used independently or in a combined configuration. The accessory fits different sized desks, and yes, standing desks too. It can even be used as a desktop tray to keep things handy to switch between different tasks.

This desk tower rack is crafted out of powder-coated steel and has perforated detailing. The trays inside are made out of high-density recycled propylene material. Durability is not going to be an issue here, but one thing I’m a bit skeptical about is the meshed open design. This will let in day-to-day dust particles inside and over time you might have to clean all the drawers to ward off any household dust. Other than that. It’s an undeniably cool resourceful accessory every geek’s den ought to have.