Lenovo’s new 4K webcam and desk station combo make it the most comprehensive WFH video solution

Designed as an efficiency upgrade to your current WFH setup, Lenovo’s new Go Desk Station and Webcam give you the best of all worlds. Not only does the webcam boast a 4K resolution with the ability to use AI to track the user (along with a manual shutter to protect your privacy when not in use), it plugs into the Go Desk Station, an adaptable tabletop solution with a built-in adjustable LED light, a multiport hub, and a slide-out 15W wireless charging area for your smartphone. Together, the Go Desk Station and Webcam help collectively upgrade as well as declutter your workspace, removing unnecessary cables, tripods, and other accessories that may occupy crucial space on your ‘area of productivity’.

Designer: Lenovo

The Lenovo Go 4K Webcam comes as a standalone unit, with a monitor clamp that lets it attach to laptops and desktops alike. The webcam is built for video conferencing (certified for Microsoft Teams) and high-resolution streaming, with AI-assisted autofocus, auto-framing, auto ambient light adjustability, a maximum resolution of 4K at 30fps, and support for HDR. It sports a manual privacy shutter that lets you physically block the camera lens when you don’t want to be viewed and an LED light that tells you if the device (or the microphone) is still running.

The webcam, although a pretty capable piece of hardware, is made even more functional when it’s plugged out of its monitor clamp and docked into Lenovo’s Go Desk Station. The Desk Station sports an adjustable arm with LED lights that help illuminate your tabletop space, with the ability to control brightness as well as color temperature using a control surface on the base. You can either plug the webcam into the top of the Desk Station (for portrait use) or at the end of the light arm, giving you two different orientations to choose from.

At the base of the Desk Station lie a few other features that make it such a compelling productivity tool. For starters, it comes with a pop-out tray with a  built-in wireless charging coil, capable of 15W Qi-certified charging for your phones as well as TWS earbuds. The Lenovo Go Desk Station comes with a 135W power input, and sports a 65W passthrough USB-C port that you can directly connect your laptop to and eliminate the laptop charger entirely. There’s also an additional 20W USB-C port on the front for charging other devices, as well as 2 USB-A ports on the back, along with an HDMI port for connecting an external monitor to your setup, capable of 4K at 60fps.