This credit card-shaped device can accurately capture an EKG better than most smartwatches

Priced at $89, it’s a whole lot cheaper than Apple’s watch, and works seamlessly with any smartphone while sliding right into your wallet when not in use.

Meet the KardiaMobile Card, the world’s slimmest EKG reader. Designed to be so thin that it fits right inside your wallet or card holder, this device is literally the shape and thickness of a credit card, but at the same time, it FDA-Cleared to detect AFib as well as recognize six of the most common arrhythmias. “Arrhythmias don’t wait for the doctor’s office”, the folks at AliveCor quite rightfully point out. The KardiaMobile Card sits right in your wallet or on the MagSafe card holder on the back of your phone, and can easily be used simply by resting your thumbs on its sensor panels for just 30 seconds while the card broadcasts EKG data to your phone via Bluetooth.

Designer: AliveCor

AliveCor’s come a long way with its range of portable personal EKG devices. While the previous versions of the KardiaMobile were just as portable and efficient, they don’t match up to how slim the KardiaMobile Card is, and the fact that it fits right in your wallet.

The KardiaMobile Card is a 1-lead EKG reader that can detect AFib, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, and Normal Sinus Rhythm – along with other arrhythmias when you’re subscribed to the KardiaCare membership. The device is the shape, size, and weight of a credit card, and comes with one solitary power button that lets you turn the card on or off, with an LED light glowing to let you know its status. Electrodes on the left and right side of the card register either your thumbs or index fingers while the KardiaMobile app reads your heartbeat, and in a matter of just 30 seconds, you have your EKG reading – about the same time it takes on an Apple Watch.

Where the KardiaMobile Card really shines is in its ecosystem-agnostic approach. It works equally well with Android and iOS devices, giving you a medical-grade EKG without needing to go to the doctor’s office and without any of those wires, suction electrodes, and gels. The card itself has a 2-year battery and can be used multiple times in the day to give you a comprehensive EKG map of your heart. The KardiaMobile Card is FDA-approved and eligible to be used under your FSA/HSA.