ASUS ZenBeam L2 projector is a must-have for a fun movie festival in your backyard

Before, mobile projectors were not of the highest quality so it’s not a device that you would want to use for home movie nights. They were good enough for some presentations if you need something that can be portable and easily accessible. But in terms of video and projection quality, it left a lot to be desired. But lately, LED projector makers have been upping the ante, courting the market that would rather use projectors to watch movies and TV shows rather than using a smart TV or laptop.

Designer: ASUS

ASUS in particular has come up with pretty decent portable projectors with its ZenBeam line. The latest one is the ZenBeam 1080p LED projector which you can use for your TV show marathon sessions or a drive-in movie festival in your background. It can even serve as your own gallery of sorts with a Light Wall feature that lets you project images onto your wall to fit the ambience of your home or of the moment and you can of course change the “painting” as often as you want.

The projector has 400 ANSI lumens which is perfect for night time viewing outdoors. It has a mercury-free RGBB LED light source with a Full HD resolution with a 1:2:1 ratio and can project visuals between 40 and 120 diagonal inches. It comes with Android TV so you can download any app or video streaming service that is compatible with the platform. Sound quality should also be pretty okay since it uses Harman Kardon sound.

The ZenBeam L2 projector looks like it can roam around the moon as the design seems to be that of a small robot or rover. It has a 3.5 hour battery life so it should be enough for a movie or a couple of episodes before you would need to plug it in. I wouldn’t mind having one that I can pull out if I need to project something on a surface. I mean I would still prefer my TV or my tablet but for group viewing somewhere that doesn’t have that, then this would be the next best thing.