The Most Powerful USB-C Hub Ever Made: Support for Triple 4K Monitors, 100W Charging, SD Card Storage

I love a good tech rivalry. There’s nothing more exciting than companies hoping to outdo each other, because the one party that benefits the most is the consumer. 100W fast charging? Sure! 150W Super-fast charging? Bring it on! In the tech world, more almost always is better, which is why phones with more cameras are considered more premium than phones with just one or two cameras. Similarly, the idea of a 12-in-1 USB-C hub may sound like overkill… but the promise that the OmniCase 2 Pro makes is compelling – you’ll never need another hub, cable, or tech accessory ever again. Designed to look like just your regular USB-C multiport hub, the OmniCase 2 Pro has 10 ports, 2 card readers, and a built-in compartment for storing every conceivable dongle/converter, 3 SD cards, SIM cards, and even a SIM ejector tool. Short of wirelessly charging your devices, the OmniCase 2 Pro has the ability to become the ultimate hub that sits on your workspace, connecting and powering all your devices so your table doesn’t look like a snake pit of cables all knotted up with each other.

Designer: JSAUX

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $99 (40% off)

The OmniCase 2 Pro was designed for people who I like to call ‘productivity maximalists’, or people who’s work setup involves multiple gadgets, peripherals, monitors, multiports, hard disks, SSDs, etc. Whether they’re engineers, creatives, photographers, videographers, gamers, or just tech enthusiasts, the job can often demand the presence of multiple interconnected elements… and that means multiple wires, large power strips with multiple plugs and chargers fighting for space, and an overall cluttered desk that’s a Marie Kondo nightmare.  The OmniCase 2 Pro helps you retain your maximalist work setup while cutting down on the unnecessaries, like the extra cables, power bricks, power strips, card readers, etc. Offering almost every conceivable port you need in a single device, the OmniCase 2 Pro is the USB-C hub to end all USB-C hubs.

With a design compact enough for any backpack (it can even fit right in your pocket), the OmniCase 2 Pro becomes the epicenter of your workspace, delivering power to devices as well as allowing for high-speed data transfer between them too. Made for the most demanding of needs, the OmniCase comes with as many as 10 ports, featuring 3 USB-C ports (including one capable of 100W power delivery for your laptop so you don’t need that ugly charging brick), 2 USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, 2 HDMI ports (capable of 4K @60Hz), a DisplayPort (also 4K @60Hz), and even a 3.5mm aux input for connecting headphones or an external speaker. There’s also an SD card reader and a TF card reader on the back, for the photography enthusiast.

The OmniCase’s built-in SoC can simultaneously handle up to 5Gbps of data transfer between different connected devices, and the presence of 2 HDMI ports and 1 DisplayPort allows you to build out that bonkers triple monitor gaming/coding/video-editing setup without worrying about how you’ll plug that many HDMI cables into your laptop.

However, if somehow 10 ports and 2 card readers weren’t enough, the OmniCase 2 Pro comes with another trick up its sleeve, or its magnetic lid, to be accurate. Pop the top of the OmniCase open and it reveals almost every conceivable dongle you could think of. The OmniCase 2 Pro comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable, a USB-C to USB-A converter, a right-angled connector dongle, and a Lightning to USB-C converter right under the hood… along with this are slots to store 3 SD cards, 2 TF cards, 2 SIM cards, and a convenient SIM ejector pin. All your cables, connectors, and cards sit conveniently under the magnetically attachable hood, putting everything you possibly need under your fingertips.

The magnetic lid lets you cleverly store all your valuable dongles, connectors, and memory + SIM cards.

Starting at a discounted $59, the OmniCase 2 Pro conveniently replaces hundreds of dollars worth of gear, while organizing and streamlining your work setup. It isn’t often that we come across a hub that can support a triple monitor setup and still have more ports to spare, but the OmniCase 2 Pro’s edge-case design makes it perfect for all consumers… whether you’re a productivity maximalist, or just someone who wants to declutter their desk! Each Omnicase comes with international shipping, an 18-month warranty, and lifetime technical support from the makers at JSAUX.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $99 (40% off)