The Longest Mobile Phone Ever Or Just Looks It

Candy bars, flips, bricks, diamonds – phones come in a myriad of monikers but a common denominator are their form factors. For the most part they’re designed to be pocketable. You can throw all those expectations out the window because designer Tamer Koseli wants no part of it. His NEED Phone is probably the longest mobile phone concept we’ve seen.

He argues mobile phones are basic multimedia gadgets, far from their traditional aim of communication. He wanted to create a device with no superfluous features. That’s right, you won’t find a MP3 player, video capabilities, or even a camera. But WAIT! Don’t dismiss the Super Phone yet because it’s got a touchscreen. Scratch that, it’s got 2 touchscreens. Oh what? DAMN! Yes friends one is an OLED that displays basic info – whatever that is while the other is where finger play happens – scrollin’ for daysssss. Best part is when the thing breaks, just use it as a protective weapon. I’m sure it could double as a baton.

Would be interesting to see the kinds of cases manufacturers would make for this.

Designer: Tamer Koseli