This compact lamp with a mushroom-shaped dome is the modern + safe alternative to a candle

Table lamps are really underrated gems. Add the right table lamp to your desk, and it will illuminate its surroundings humbly but diligently, while also adding a bit of character and personality. They’re small but mighty products! And one such design I recently encountered is the Two table lamp designed by APE Amsterdam for the Dutch lighting brand Humble Lights.

Designer: APE Amsterdam for Humble Lights

Available in twelve color variants, the Two lamp was designed to replace a candle! Humble Lights recently added a black and beige color option to the range as well. It provides the same romance, softness, and subtlety that a candle does, but in a much more modern and contemporary form. The compact table lamp is portable, rechargeable, and also dimmable – so you can carry it from one room to another, and alternate between different lighting moods.

The Two table lamp features a tiny domed shade, which has an almost mushroom-like appearance. The little dome casts a circle of light on the desk or table, making it a functional and safer alternative, compared to the traditional candle. It can provide diverse lighting for different occasions and scenarios owing to its three brightness settings – candle, ambient, and work.

The base of the lamp is quite simple and spherical and has been built from aluminum. You can choose to build the mushroom-shaped dome from aluminum as well, or you could pick frosted or smoked translucent finishes. The Two lamp includes a low-energy LED that can emit up to 96 hours of light on a single charge. You can charge the lamp using a USB-C cable or any QI charger. Two’s various components can be serviced and replaced quite efficiently, allowing it to last for a long time in your home!