Tiny mechanical arm and leakproof container make cleaning up after your dog easy and contact-free!


In a year so dominated by germs and a need to keep society contact-free, Pupsule presents perhaps the easiest and comfortable way to scoop up your pet’s poo while on the move. Shaped like a capsule that houses the poop-bag, a grabber arm, and a container to hold your pet’s waste, Pupsule lets you easily pick up and dispose of waste without needing to carry a shovel, or worse… having to manually grab your pet’s waste with a plastic bag over your hands.

Designer: Khachatur Balbabyan

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $79 (38% off). Hurry, only 4/304 left! Raised over $100,000.

The Pupsule’s name sort of perfectly encapsulates exactly what the product is. Designed like a capsule for your pup, the tiny contraption is perfectly small enough to carry with you on your pet walks. The patent-pending Pupsule comes with a two-part design – an upper half that houses empty plastic bags and a plunger, while the lower half has a 360° grabber arm (controlled by the plunger) and a smell-proof leak-proof area to store the poo until you need to dispose of it.

Using the Pupsule is intuitively simple. Take off its cap, pull out an empty plastic bag and drape it around the grabber arm’s claws, and use the plunger to grab your pet’s waste before wrapping the end of the plastic and putting the cap back on. When you find yourself a suitable trash can to dispose of the waste, all you do is grab the top of the plastic bag, lift it out of the Pupsule, and chuck the bag in… without getting your hands or even the Pupsule dirty.

Aside from its non-contact nature, the convenience of the Pupsule lies in its wonderfully compact design and its ability to work on all surfaces, from the regular concrete and grass to even gravel, sand, or snow, letting you clean up after your pup at the park, on the driveway, or even the beach without worrying about being able to scoop the waste efficiently. The storage chamber on the Pupsule is big enough to store multiple rounds of poo too, and depending on how small or big your pet is, the Pupsule comes in two sizes. Now crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the smaller Pupsule is available for $49, while the larger Pupsule costs $59. Each Pupsule ships with 200 biodegradable disposal bags, a multifunctional lanyard, a wrist-strap, and is guaranteed to reach before Christmas.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $79 (38% off). Hurry, only 4/304 left! Raised over $100,000.