Retro NASA Space Tourism Posters made from LEGO Bricks are a Space Nerd Must-Have

In 2016, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA debuted a series of absolutely gorgeous 80s-inspired posters promoting ‘space tourism’. Designed as collectibles that space nerds and enthusiasts could just admire and print on their own, the file formats were (and still are) available on NASA’s website, with the title “Visions of the Future”. LEGO Master Builder John Carter decided to build a few posters of his own… using LEGO bricks. “There are so many iconic tropes in the science fiction mythology… I’ve decided to depict three of them in a style of classic posters and book covers from the 80s. The idea was to keep the same visual style with different colors for each tale and to present the scenes in minimalistic fashion,” he said.

The display set comprises three pieces that tell a cohesive story and provide ample room for customization. Each image is self-contained, allowing you to showcase your preferred one individually. Alternatively, you can exhibit all three together, creating a stunning arrangement that looks fantastic on both walls and bookshelves.

The three posters depict specific scenes of space exploration. The first envisions lift-off, looking at a rocket making its way for the sky, the second, shows the terrain of a planet with two lunar satellites, a rocky terrain, and a tiny rover exploring the surface, while the third captures the grandeur of a meteor shower with observation stations pointing at the falling comets.

This collection comprises three identical-sized images measuring 10.4 cm x 14.7 cm, constructed in a uniform manner. The lower portion of each picture showcases the surface and atmosphere of a celestial entity, while the upper section depicts the sky above it.

At the rear of every image, there is a framework of Technic lift arms that links the topmost layers with the bottom ones, guaranteeing that the model remains intact in all situations, even if it falls from a considerable height.

“I believe the set would make a lovely addition to any space geek’s collection (be it LEGO, SF books, or movies collection ) and fits well into the existing LEGO portfolio at the intersection of art and space themes,” Carter suggests.

The “Tales Of The Space Age” series was unanimously selected by the LEGO community to be turned into a retail box set, which is now available on the LEGO website.