Get On the Awesome Train

The Auto Train aims to provide a sustainable solution for traveling distances too long to drive by car but too short to fly by plane. The fully-automated system accommodates individual passengers and their vehicles. So that it doesn’t need to stop between destinations, a number of train sections are designed to easily merge and diverge from the track at specialized stations, allowing it to work like an automated taxi that automatically drops you off at your destination!

Designer: Marco Gallegos


  • Stephen Russell says:

    Need this for CA HS RR project

    See CA HS Rail for CA State
    & integrate design in with train concept alone
    Be huge for EU & the US alone.

  • bob says:

    Just a simple question… How does it turn?

  • Heather says:

    By following the rails, obviously

  • Heather says:

    Too bad it would need to be diesel powered for most of Amtrak’s territory! It wouldn’t even run on the existing Auto Train route with a pantograph!

  • konga says:

    isnt it more efficient if you leave your car at home and rent one where ever you go?

  • espkav says:

    doesn’t look awesome

  • callmedave says:

    Just moving a greater mass than necessary. High speed self-driving individual electric vehicles would be more efficient

  • architecture says:

    this concept can become a total game changer to the range of electric vehicles. not only that, but it can also considerably reduce travel time. lets hope that governments and private companies pick-up this concept and test its viability.

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