This aesthetically designed hand crank power bank will never let you down

Smart gadgets rule our lives for the most part, and they need to be juiced up constantly to make our life seamless. In mind-boggling research, Forbes has found out an average US home has 20.2 smart devices. Now, because of changing lifestyles, these smart devices need frequent charging.

Relying on a power bank for active outdoorsy life can only go to a limit, and itself can go out of charge. Having no juice left in the mobile devices and your power bank in a secluded location can be tricky, and there’s got to be the last resort to save the day.

Designer: Pelin Özbalcı

Into the picture comes a hand-cranked power bank that comes loaded with a dynamo to charge the battery slowly when no other option is there. A smart accessory that fulfills the intended purpose without losing out on the minimalistic aesthetics of carrying it in your pocket. Last Resort power bank has a hand-crank mechanism hiding tactically in the power bank itself – ready for use whenever desperate situations arise.

The gracefully hidden hand crank blends into the design – giving off a slight peek to remind the users what it can do. Once taken out, the gadget transforms into a working dynamo as soon as the arm is reattached to the keyhole. Spinning the crank starts the charging indicated by the flashing orange lights. The battery percentage is indicated by the white lights on the power bank.

The front of the accessory has soft-to-touch material, and the back surface has a high-grade non-slip surface. This ensures you can crank Last Resort by keeping on the edge of an object without making it topple over. While there are many such accessories out there, this one edges ahead in terms of aesthetics and functionality. I just hope, the power bank can crank up enough charge to fuel high-end mobile devices of the current era.