With looks to charm, this ani-digi watch is a unique time teller you can wear in any mood

No matter how much time changes or transitions modern technology brings about in way of perceiving time, a wristwatch arguably is never going out of fashion.

Watchmakers will keep evolving the look, feel and complications to stay in the trend. But when that is not enough, horologists will jump the gun and amalgamate the two known domains of time telling – analog and digital – to make sure our wrists have something distinctive to show every time.

This is how designer Edoardo Gouffran thinks, which is why he has devised an uncanny watch combining digital and analog in one. Not that we have not seen such hybrid watches before, ana-digi is a trend that quartz watches have been riding high on, but in that spree too, the Circlock has a face of its own.

Designer: Edoardo Gouffran

The Circlock is not a league apart only for its aesthetics but the idea behind its conception is pretty novel as well. Edorado explains that the basic difference between analog and digital watch is the “visualization of time.” While an analog watch allows a person reading it to view the current time in reference to the past and future, the digital watch shows the present time, conveniently excluding the past and future.

Circlock, he says, is “born from this idea.” “It is a result of a fusion between the word Circle and Clock” Edorado notes. In that sense, the Circlock goes against the general trend. This fusion of analog and digital watch allows the person to read the current time on a digital clock with past and future references.

With hollowness in the center, the watch dial circles around with Arabic numerals on it. The black aesthetics of the watch are complemented by a white highlighting the hour number, a yellow line denoting elapsed minutes, and a red dot doing the rounds as a seconds hand. Based on a resin band matching the watch hue, the Circlock’s backcase is engraved with the branding and a unique serial number, substantiating exclusivity of the timepiece. Style it with your streetwear or don it for a board meeting, the Circlock has the mettle to make heads turn.