Top 10 EDC Gear Gift Guide your toolkit needs to be prepared for life’s adventures

Often referred to by its acronym EDC, EveryDay Carry as a category of products has absolutely taken off in the past couple of years. With objects like phones becoming absolute essentials and wallets becoming objects of art and desire, the idea of having a set of EDC is almost a part of one’s personal style guide. While your phone, wallet, and keys are undeniably some of the things you’d carry with you everywhere, EDC today has a much broader appeal, even including things like pocket knives, multitools, tech accessories, and even desirable stationery. Now we don’t mean to toot our own horn here but we’re kind of experts in the EDC domain and our gift guides are the best of what we offer. We’ve been covering it as a category for a good part of 20 years, and the 2022 gift guide captures some of our absolute favorites, from pocket knives and multitools to tech accessories and some incredibly stylish personal gear. Here’s the kicker. They’re all portable, compact, and are designed to be carried with you anywhere!

1. GPCA Carabiner

Never has a carabiner been so feature-rich! The GPCA Carabiner is literally a multitool in its own right. It comes with a robust design that is capable of carrying loads as heavy as 200lb, but tucked away in its sturdy design are a whole range of useful EDC tools, including a box-cutter, bottle opener, Philips and flat-head screwdrivers, a pry-tool, and a secret capsule-shaped hiding space underneath the carabiner’s knurled locking ring. While the carabiner’s design lends itself rather well to securing things like keys to your belt or your backpack to a secure pole, the broad shape is also easy to grip and maneuver, allowing you to open boxes and bottles with ease, as well as apply a fair bit of torque to tighten or loosen screws. The carabiner’s titanium construction makes it practically indestructible, and the folks at GPCA even make things official with a lifetime warranty on the carabiner’s design and performance.

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2. Tekto Romeo Knife

With a name that embodies its slick attitude and killer instinct, meet the Romeo, a pocket knife from Tekto that’s slim, lightweight, and incredibly capable. The knife measures 4.29 inches when closed and opens to reveal a 3.35-inch American Tanto-style blade made from M390 steel – an incredibly resilient metal that holds its edge far longer than most common alloys while being resistant to corrosion and rust. The blade folds into a deceptively slim carbon-fiber handle that provides just the right amount of grip and maneuverability. The entire knife weighs a mere 0.09lbs (41 grams), making it one of the lightest, most durable EDC pocket knives you can own. The Romeo’s slim design fits easily into any pocket, can be opened/deployed with a single hand, and each knife also comes with a pocket clip that lets you secure it to your clothes to carry around with you!

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3. Outlery Travel Cutlery

Made to be just marginally larger than an AirPods Pro case, this nifty little EDC helps eliminate tonnes of ocean plastic in the form of disposable cutlery. Meet Outlery, a portable travel-friendly cutlery kit made for the outdoors. It comes in a pocket-sized design that’s easy to roam around with, and is compact enough for camping trips, and stylish enough for restaurants too. Outlery sports a split-body design featuring threaded components that can be put together in less than a minute. Just grab the cutlery you need, thread the handles on, and you’re ready to eat! Each piece of Outlery is made from durable stainless steel that can last for decades without losing its shine, while remaining easy to clean. The individual cutlery pieces sit in a recycled tin case, that is light, robust, and fits the Outlery perfectly. There’s absolutely no plastic used in the Outlery, and its compact, reusable design promises to offset the tonnes of disposable plastic spoons, forks, and chopsticks that would otherwise end up in landfills and our oceans!

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4. SwitchPen by CrushMetric

Equal parts writing instrument and magical tactile toy, the SwitchPen is the brain-child of Noah Deledda, an artist who’s worked extensively with denting aluminum cans in ornate, origami-inspired patterns to create sculptures out of them, almost like they’re made from paper. The SwitchPen pretty much condenses Deledda’s art form to the shape and size of a seemingly normal pen. Built with a metallic plastic exterior, the pen instantaneously crumples into a beautiful triangular geometric patten when the lever on top is pulled down. This in turn also deploys the pen’s nib, so that texture now becomes a tactile gripping surface while you write. The SwitchPen isn’t your ordinary pen, though. It looks rather boring when the nib is retracted, but pull that lever down and the pen’s guaranteed to amaze literally anyone! The way the metallic outer sleeve contorts into a beautiful geometric pattern feels almost indistinguishable from magic, and will easily give you hours of fun, amazement, and curiosity!

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5. AirTag Carabiner

Just the way peanut butter and jelly turned out to be the greatest culinary combination ever imagined, the AirTag and the Carabiner Clip are (at least in my heart) the greatest EDC combination there can be. The carabiner is an incredibly handy little tool. It lets you easily carry your keys, tools, and other EDC by letting you hook them to yourself or your bike, or secure your backpack by hooking it to a pole. Combine that with an AirTag and you’ve got a carabiner that doesn’t just secure items, it lets you track them too! Crafted out of metal, this AirTag Carabiner is individually handmade and fits one AirTag into its hollow space. Once you’ve fixed an AirTag in, the Carabiner can easily be tracked by any iOS device using their FindMy feature. The AirTag Carabiner is available in a choice between Duralumin (a hard, lightweight Aluminum-Copper Alloy), Brass, and Stainless Steel, and is perfect for hooking to your keys, backpack, or even your umbrella (if you’re the kind to forget it everywhere!)

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6. InCharge XL

Never underestimate the power a good charging/data cable has over your tech and your life. A good cable is the perfect blend of universality, power, durability, and portability. A good cable is inCharge XL, in short. Measuring up to 10 feet in length, the inCharge comes with interchangeable heads, allowing you to alternate between USB-C, Lightning, and MicroUSB on one side, and USB-A and USB-C on the other side. This effectively allows one cable to practically charge all your devices, from your phone and earbuds to your power bank, gaming console, tablet, drone, DSLR, heck… even your laptop! The 10-foot long cable comes with a whopping power delivery of 100W, letting you fast charge pretty much all your devices and even juice your laptop. It also comes with a flat design that never tangles, and is braided with Nylon and Aramid fibers, which means it’ll practically last forever!

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7. Flip Flip Kinetic Skill Toy

The Flipo Flip is a pocket-sized kinetic skill toy that flips, rolls, and falls at the same time! This oddly satisfying and addictive fidget toy has been precision machined out of solid metal. It is perfectly balanced and mathematically analyzed to maintain a fascinating motion of flipping, rolling, and falling – simultaneously! The mesmerizing movement created by the toy is fun and calming at the same time, as it allows you to take a break from your hectic day and take a moment to recharge. You can flip the toy around easily, but if you explore deeper and challenge yourself, you’ll realize that you need a certain level of skill and practice to maintain the motion of continuous flips and rolls. For this you need to discover and learn the right type of movement, as well as the power of the tip – sometimes a gentle push leads to an intensive push which creates the most flips. Hence a bit of practice and experience makes playing with this toy even more exciting and challenging!

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8. The Groove Wallet

The wallet is by far the most quintessential EDC gear. You might forget your phone, you may even be one of those detoxers who doesn’t carry their phone… but if you live in a capitalist human society, you need your wallet. The wallet holds all your cards, including your payment cards, business cards, access cards, and ID cards, making it arguably one of the most important things in your pocket. So why is it still made from leather using a century-old design? Meet the Groove, an incredibly sleek all-metal wallet that slides right into your pocket, without creating that ugly bulge your leather wallet bestows upon you. Measuring a mere 0.33 inches, the Groove Wallet has enough space for 6 cards, and a reliably fun interaction that pops the cards out in ascending order, allowing you to see all your cards and pick the one you need. The wallet comes made entirely from 6063 aluminum with no plastic or elastic parts. This not only means it’s inherently waterproof and RFID-blocking, but also that it’s incredibly reliable and long-lasting. In fact, each Groove wallet is backed by a 94-year warranty! No kidding!

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9. ProGrip Ergonomic Battery Grip for Phones

Here’s a statistic that should absolutely break your brain. Of all the images that exist online today, a whopping 92.5% of them are from smartphones. The smartphone camera, without a doubt, is the world’s most popular camera… but I’ll be honest – it isn’t the most comfortable to use. There’s nothing ergonomic about holding a smartphone up to take a photo or video, and everyone knows the nightmare that is trying to use your smartphone camera with one hand. That’s where the ShiftCam ProGrip comes in handy. Inspired by a DSLR camera’s battery grip, the ProGrip attaches to your phone using a magnetic mounting feature, giving it a whole host of great features. Aside from being more ergonomic to hold, the ProGrip also comes with its own shutter button so you don’t have to nearly break your thumb trying to hit the button on the screen. It also lets you rotate your phone on the magnetic mounting area and use the camera in portrait or landscape mode, and by far my favorite feature – the ProGrip actually comes with its own built-in batteries that work as a wireless power bank for your phone, keeping it charged over long photoshoots! The ShiftCam ProGrip works with a whole bunch of phones (not just the iPhone), and also allows you to mount accessories like a flash, tripod, or even a smartphone camera lens to absolutely upgrade your phone photography skills!

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10. Last Tissue

The convenience of pulling a tissue from a box with the sustainability of a cotton handkerchief. Meet LastTissue, an unusual EDC that hopes to eliminate the disposable wipe almost entirely. Designed with a silicone case that holds up to 6 reusable cotton handkerchiefs, LastTissue lets you ‘grab a tissue’ just the way you would from a Kleenex box, but instead it’s designed to be both compact and reusable. Pull the handkerchief out, use it, and you can put it right back in the LastTissue box. A silicone barrier separates new tissues from used ones, keeping things conveniently clean and sorted. Once you’ve used all tissues, they can be washed in the washing machine at temperatures up to 140°F (60°C), effectively cleaning and sanitizing them. The silicone case can be boiled or chucked in the dishwasher to give you a fresh, disinfected case for your washed handkerchiefs. The LastTissue is infintely reusable, and comes with no plastic parts. The case is made from 100% latex-free silicone, while the kerchiefs inside are GOTS certified organic cotton!

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