This portable fridge is the perfect companion to Netflix and chill with!

Product designs have three basic categories from a user’s point of view – the purely functional design with an almost brutish exterior that we love for the solution they provide, the pro aesthetic designs that take a conventional product and revise it to a new level to trigger an emotional response in us (after all humans are visual creatures) and the rare unicorn – that merges functionality and aesthetics seamlessly to create the best design. The Baseus Personal Refridgerator concept by Jiujiu Hu certainly falls in the aesthetic category but that doesn’t stop us from loving it any lesser!

With a form factor that merges an almost android design with that of a retro TV, this portable personal refrigerator is here to serve us, literally. The heat of summer is upon us, anything that is cold or chilled is in demand. This cute robot-like design with its shiny reflective surface (truly it only needs big eyes to make us fall in love even more) and its leather strap is a way cooler alternative to the old-school icebox or coolers we lug around everywhere (can you imagine how much cooler Netflix and chill would be with this by your side?). The anthropomorphic form comes with a shelf inside, allowing you to store your items in 2 layers – a tall shelf for the drinks or even a cooling facial mist and a smaller space to store flat objects. Social distancing will be a breeze with our own portable personal fridge holding our drinks means no reason to visit the crowded shops at the local park. And for those of us in quarantine, this fridge can serve as the Wilson (Tom Hank’s friend in Cast Away) to our isolated homes.

The refrigerator gets its materials right – wood, a matte plastic exterior, leather, and glass – balancing all these traditional elements with just the right ratio. With the emotional connection that this personal refrigerator brings to the table, one thing is sure, you will not end up forgetting it anywhere you go!

Designer: Jiujiu Hu