This leaning electric trike is a reliable cargo carrier + swift city commuter for urban dwellers

Normally when we talk of e-bikes or even tricycles, they have more or less the same layout – motors, batteries, and an array of styling to gain the first impression. The MX3 tricycle designed by Mastretta Bikes is radically different from the inverted tadpole trike design. It packs a considerable amount of space for storage – at the front, middle, and back; while the leaning mechanism and the suspension at the front end bring stability to the ride. The latter brings stable cornering with the feel of riding a bike and the freedom of space of a three-wheeled trike design.

While you might still wonder, what about the stability when the MX3 comes to a grinding halt? Well, Mastretta has got that covered with the Tilt Lock System (TLS) which locks the trike in a vertical position when stopping at lights or loading cargo to the rear. For superior stopping power, MX3 comes with hydraulic disk brakes for all three wheels. The positioning of the battery and the driving motor at a low position further ensures superior maneuverability and responsiveness, thanks to the low center of gravity. In the cargo configuration, the front rack is quite low for balanced weight distribution, while the rear cargo rack is positioned a bit higher above the rear wheels. The center one is a small briefcase styled cargo for the important documents and gadgets.

Mastretta Bikes is offering MX3 propelled by the 36V systems in four different models that come with varying features and payloads. The cargo capacity of the four variants comes in 40kg, 60kg, 80kg, and 200kg configurations. The 40kg and 60kg models come in 360 Wh and 720 Wh battery options while the 80kg and 200kg models have the higher capacity options of 720 Wh and 1,440 Wh batteries. The trike could be useful in a number of use case scenarios and the design truly shines, making it one that will grab the attention of the masses.

Designer: Mastretta Bikes