This nifty gadget turns your bed into an auto-reclining, vitals-tracking smart-bed!

While the obvious millennial in me looks at the BheemUP and thinks about how cool it would be to literally sit up in bed and watch Netflix all day, the idea for the BheemUP wasn’t driven by lazing-luxury. Designed by a former cancer-patient, the BheemUP aims at transforming the bed into a hospital bed alternative – one that people can afford, and one that doesn’t FEEL like a hospital bed. The BheemUP is a two-part design that not only turns your regular bed into an automatic recliner but also senses and tracks your sleep, posture, and vitals while you’re in bed. Perfect for people with medical concerns, or just people who are looking to upgrade how they sleep and wake up, the BheemUP makes your bed smarter, safer, and more comfortable too.

The entire apparatus ships in a tiny box, with parts requiring bare minimum effort to assemble. The sturdy steel frame slips right beneath the mattress, fitting perfectly into your bed’s frame, while a hospital-grade motor (with a weight capacity of 600kgs) allows the mattress to incline to your desired angle. The frame features a patented lumbar support system that gives your spine extra support, and a safe-strap handle system that secures the BheemUP Frame in place. The entire apparatus takes a mere 15 minutes to set up and can be adjusted at any angle, giving you your desired level of comfort.

The BheemUP is complemented by the BheemSense Lite, a provisionally patented sensor mat that’s the first to track movement, heart and breath rates in bed, contact-free. The mat, which sits right underneath your bedsheet, helps track your posture, your sleep quality, and even your heart-rate, creating a holistic diagram of health while you’re in bed, and uses machine learning to provide personalized insights. Using a combination of Bheem’s patent-pending, in-house stretch fabrics and proprietary algorithms, the mat monitors vitals and movement over your ENTIRE upper body, sending the data to their App, which helps track and improve posture, health, and sleep quality. The BheemSense Lite mat even pairs with smart-devices, integrating with smartwatches, Alexa and Google Home, and smart lights that respond to your sleep phase too. Moreover, it comes with its own vibration motor that lets the bed become your alarm-clock, gently vibrating you into wakefulness so you’re never jolted out of deep sleep!

The BheemUP and BheemSense Lite comes after over 2 years of clinical trials and testing on the elderly, disabled and chronically ill patients, as well as on professionals and on gamers. While the two devices have rather rewarding medical applications, they’re perfectly fit for the work/play-at-home scenario too, allowing your bed to become your ideal workstation… making it perfect for you as well as your parents!

The BheemUP frame and BheemSense Lite mat come together in a Kickstarter-special $698 bundle – or you can get either separately too. It isn’t cheap, but then again, it’s much cheaper and has more features than your average hospital bed. The BheemUP frame retrofits onto your current bed, regardless of its size, and along with the sensor mat, works wonderfully as a rehabilitating device designed to give you comfort and help you recover or just relax!

Designer: Nikhil Autar

Click Here to Buy Now: $329 $549 (40% off).

BheemUP: The Bed Incliner That Makes Your Bed Smart

The BheemUP system is comprised of 2 parts. The BheemUP frame, which lifts any bed, like a hospital bed, but better. And the BheemSense Lite sensor system, which tracks sleep and posture, over your entire bed, and connects to smart home devices too.

The BheemUP Frame

The BheemUp Frame converts any bed into a hospital bed. It attaches to your current bed frame and mattress, no matter what make or model.

Takes less than 15 minutes to assemble.

The BheemSense Lite

BheemSense Lite is a provisionally patented sensor mat. It sits on top of your mattress and uses a combination of their in house stretch fabrics and proprietary algorithms to monitor movement, heart and breath rates, over your entire upper body.

It tracks sleep, and posture in bed. It monitors vitals. And it tracks symptoms like back pain and reflux too. It measures micromovements, and estimates muscle tone – the most accurate markers of sleep phase – through our movement mapping algorithms. You can set alarms that will only wake you up in light phases of sleep, ensuring you start every day refreshed. Over time, via our machine learning powered app, it learns from your habits, and makes your room the perfect sleep cave.

Their app allows you to toggle between detailed insights and graphs showing every wakening at night, or evidence based, AI powered sleep, comfort and posture scores. You can even track symptoms and monitor these over time. The app also integrates with smartwatches, and with Alexa and Google Home too. Their sensors’ tech also vibrates, and allows you to set smart, vibrating alarms that wake you in light sleep only.

Click Here to Buy Now: $329 $549 (40% off).