ChaiBot is the world’s first automated tea-brewing machine that perfectly makes tea, chai, and even matcha

It’s the world’s most consumed beverage after water, yet there’s no device that automates the process of making tea… until now. Designed to be practically the Nespresso of tea, ChaiBot brings the expertise of tech to the old art of brewing tea. The tabletop device works with virtually every conceivable type of tea, making liquor tea, milk-based chai, or even the rich, decadent matcha. All you do is add the tea to the ChaiBot and tell it to begin brewing. Based on the kind of tea you’ve got, ChaiBot chooses the brewing temperature and time to expertly extract the right flavors and antioxidants (extracting a remarkable 99.8% of the tea molecules). The brewed tea is then dispensed into a kettle, which keeps your tea warm for hours, so you’re never left with an insipid room-temperature beverage!

Designers: Shaswat Dixit & Nicola Zanetti

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The remarkable beauty of ChaiBot is the fact that it takes the time and effort out of tea-brewing, just the way a coffee machine does for coffee. Quite like making coffee, tea requires a fair bit of expertise too – different tea types have different brewing temperatures and times. Get this wrong and you either over or underbrew your tea, making it bitter or flavorless. The ChaiBot doesn’t have such obstacles. It comes with its own database that helps it understand exactly how to brew every kind of tea. Just add your tea to the ChaiBot’s brewing chamber and let it know what it’s working with, and the machine automatically takes control. Unlike Nespresso machines, however, ChaiBot doesn’t force you to use any particular type of tea. You could use your own loose-leaf tea (with aromats like ginger or cinnamon), matcha powder, tea bags, or even ChaiBot’s own tea-disks to make your favorite cup (or cups) of brew, and even customize brew times and temperatures and then save your favorite recipes for later.

Get 30% more antioxidants.

4x faster than a kettle.

Versatility and consistency are the names of the game, honestly. Whether you want black tea, green tea, milk-based chai, or even matcha, ChaiBot will expertly create the perfect brew each time, giving you 30% more antioxidants than when you brew it manually (more antioxidants help your body naturally fight off ailments like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer). It uses the exact right amount of water (taken from the ChaiBot’s refillable water chamber), heats it to the correct temperature (4x faster than a kettle because heating and brewing both happen in the same chamber), and lets your tea-leaves steep in it for just the right amount of time.

The ChaiBot comes with a perforated brewing chamber that contains your leaves, bags, or disks, so that the tea gets strained while brewing. This also makes clean-up incredibly easy. A touchscreen interface on the right-hand side of the ChaiBot lets you access the tea-machine’s vast library of brews, letting you choose a preset or even design your own. Given that we live in 2022, the ChaiBot also has its own smartphone app that lets you remotely brew your tea. Now isn’t that tea-rrific?!

Tea Mode

Chai Mode

Matcha Mode

Once brewed to perfection, the ChaiBot dispenses your brew into a pouring jug that lets you then serve the tea in cups for yourself, your family, or guests, making as many as 6 cups at a time. Standard black and green teas get dispensed directly into the jug, and for milk-based chai or matcha tea, all you need to do is add milk to the jug in advance and the tea will mix right into it. The pouring jug isn’t just a handy little vessel to collect your tea – it keeps your tea hot for you too, for up to 2 hours without altering its taste or composition. This means you can get second or third rounds of tea without having to brew a fresh cup all over again while you’ve got intense tea-demanding work going on!

Cleans itself so you don’t have to.

Cleaning up after the ChaiBot is simpler than usual too. The tea leaves/bags/disks sit in a perforated metal cylinder that can easily be emptied and rinsed once your tea’s brewed and dispensed. For the rest of the ChaiBot, it has its own cleaning cycle so you don’t have to scrub any pots or pans. Just add liquid soap to the brewing chamber and select the cleaning cycle and the ChaiBot does it all for you. The jug at the bottom, on the other hand, can be washed in the sink or placed in a dishwasher.

The ChaiBot starts at a surprisingly reasonable price of $175 and comes in 3 body colors – black, white, and matcha green. You can use tea leaves or bags of your own choice, or opt for ChaiBot’s specially curated tea disks that cover a whole variety of flavors including popular classics like Earl Grey, Lemon Green, and Chamomile Mint, to exotic blends like Masala Chai and Ginger Cardamom. Go ahead and grab a ChaiBot using the link below and make your life and mornings beau-tea-ful again!

Click Here to Buy Now: $175 $250 (30% off). Hurry, only 3/460 left! Raised over $130,000.