Finished in natural wood, this ultimate home office desk has uncanny pockets in its legs

If you’re working out of your home office, chances are you have already got yourself the best setup to ease the work routine. The home office furniture market is expected to grow during the next decade and you have to be on top of your game to win your peers over. To that accord, even if you’re not almost there, designers will not leave a chance to tickle your senses with their imagination.

Case in point the Adudu desk. Designed for EL Musgo, the desk is not a league apart in the essence, however, it begs for gawk; heck, maybe a little more than that: this thing is a peach! Adudu is only an idea devised on Blender 3D but when it meets the eye, it appears fresh out of an ace woodshop.

Designer: Sebastian Medrano Casas

You can have your opinion. But hey look at this table; isn’t it just that perfect wooden furniture you’d want in your office? Our home office will always require a piece of equipment that raises productivity and offers the utmost comfort. Nine out of ten times, Adudu will tick the right boxes there.

The desk foremost ditches the rudimentary MDF board appearance to a more natural wood finish. The sturdy backrest on the tabletop is an instant eye grabber as well. If you’d agree, this addition will allow the table to be used well as a wall, without the worry of toppling things over. The backrest can also double as a sticky board, so the most important tasks are right before your eyes.

Taking about important things in sight, Adudu has uncanny pockets in its legs to store your writing instruments or paint brushes, if that’s something you’d be using the table for. That said, for the customary storage, there is a drawer tucked into the left corner – with a nice wood handle to elevate aesthetics – while the 3/4th of the table to the right is open to leaving you comfortable legroom.