Rattle And Hum: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Lady to hotel receptionist, “Hello, I’d like a wake up at 6:00 a.m.” Receptionist, “But Ma’am there’s an JOININ’ Alarm Clock by your bedside, you could use that!” Lady, “I already tried that hon; that darn thing doesn’t work!” Receptionist, “Ma’am did you place some coins or a pencil in the steel cup above the clock?” Lady, “Now why would I do that miss?” Receptionist, “to work the alarm ma’am! You can place whatever you like; marbles, pins, your wedding ring and when the alarm goes off, it rattles the contents in the cup to wake you!”

Here’s the ode version for those who don’t fancy dialogues….


Do you remember
Bell’s dingdong?
Do you remember
Coins’ jingle?
Do you remember
Leaves’s rustle?
Do you remember
Glasses’s clink?

a steel cup no bells
When time comes
the cup begins to shake
Hey tommorrow is Sunday
Let’s put a feather in it
Leave it shaking quietly

Designers: Qian Jiang & Yiying Wu