Wishlist: Assisted Cooking Concept Kitchens From Electrolux (Part 2)


Showcasing their creative bent with amazing concepts, Electrolux is out to woo you with their innovative Assisted Cooking Concept Kitchens at the EuroCucina 2018. You can view Part 1 here. In the words of Simon Bradford, “a range of explorative kitchen concepts that demonstrate assisted cooking to help people get the most from their kitchen experience,” are being showcased.

With moving times, home appliances are being integrated with IoT and are minimal in design. There is a shift in the role of materials as well and an increase in interaction between the chef and the product. As we witness various new ways that technology has entered our kitchens – in the form of Alexa or Google Home, it’s important to see how appliance makers adapt to the innovations.

Part 2 features the remaining four of the eight inspiring kitchen concepts.

Designer: Electrolux

The Electrolux IceCaddy makes and stores 4kgs of pure transparent ice cubes. The intuitive sensor detects when you are running low on ice and automatically make some more. Designed to be perfectly crystal clear chunks, the cubes of ice add a dash of sparkle to any drink.

The Electrolux AirGarden is a stylish and innovative ceramic hood. Its designed to keep the kitchen air fresh and doubles up as a handy storage unit. It also features a handy herb garden for you to pluck from, keeping ingredients near!

The Electrolux Clean Cut Knife and Board Washer is perfect for lazy chefs. The concept provides maximum hygiene and blends effortlessly into the existing work surface. What we love is the ease of operation and that you can clean something as intense as a chopping board and knife, in a jiffy.

The Electrolux FlexiBurner gas hob lets you place any size pan anywhere on the hob surface and the burner adapts the flame accordingly. What this means, is that you can use any-size pan and have optimal heat for them. Many dishes require a certain kind of utensil to cook in, and often we get restricted because of the hob configuration. The FlexiBurner removes this problem completely.

If you are presently in Milan, then do drop by EuroCucina 2018 and see these concepts in-person!