These adorable cat-shelves are made from upcycled furniture that cats broke!!

It’s safe to say that the lockdown hasn’t been easy on humans… but what about the cats?? Avery and Ronnie realized the hard way that their cat didn’t particularly enjoy having humans staying at home 24×7 for months at an end. Grizwald, the cat, would often turn hyperactive at night, bouncing off furniture just to release all his pent up energy and tension from having his owners constantly at home. A few broken vases and side-tables later, Avery and Ronnie decided enough was enough.

While disciplining cats isn’t entirely possible, accommodating for their behavior is… and that prompted Avery and Ronnie to build their first prototype of the Up-Cycled Cat Shelf. Created from a side-table Grizwald had knocked over one night, the Up-Cycled Cat Shelf featured a nice triangular surface covered with felt and mounted on the corner of a wall. The shelf acted as the perfect place for Grizwald to perch upon, and since it was practically bolted to the wall, there was never really any danger of it getting knocked over.

Upon seeing the success of the Up-Cycled Cat Shelf in their own home, Ronnie and Avery decided to found their company, Grizworld, and take their idea to the next level by creating a line of furniture upcycled from scraps and broken parts. The Up-Cycled Cat Shelf use discarded pieces of wood that are finished, sanded, and smoothened to a standardized shape before being clad in a felt carpet for the cat to comfortably rest on without their nails digging into the wood. The shelf rests on two sturdy brackets sourced from IKEA, creating a setup that isn’t just robust and reliable, but is literally just made out of 3 parts. Designed to look chic, but also be functionally sound for your neurotic cat, the Up-Cycled Cat Shelf can be placed anywhere at home, from the living room or bedroom to even the bathroom (at your own risk, obviously), and costs a mere $30-50… besides, considering how it’s made from wood scraps that are repurposed into haute feline furniture, you’ll be participating in a circular economy too, which isn’t just good for your wallet, it’s good for the planet as well!

Designers: Avery and Ronnie Birch of Grizworld

Click Here to Buy Now: $23 $39 (40% off).

Up-Cycled Cat Shelf

A fully wall-mountable cat shelf constructed of recycled materials. Cats love elevated surfaces. It allows them to safely observe their surroundings and be at eye level with people. Cat structures of equal height can retail for above $200, and will take up an abundance of space in your room. Since their cat shelves are fully wall-mountable, you can place them wherever your heart desires and will take up a fraction of the space.

Their shelves are also fully constructed of recycled materials, subsequently reducing our footprint, and the cost. On average they use a third of the materials used in your average day-to-day cat shelf, so not only are you saving money, you are investing a sustainable alternative to other products.

Hang It Anywhere

Easy Setup

Up-cycled Cat Shelf consists of only 3 pieces, a solid wood base, a well-secured scratch/lounge pad, and wall anchors. While the materials may be simple, how it is arranged, is the key. To simply install, grab a screwdriver and screw it in.

Click Here to Buy Now: $23 $39 (40% off).