Building-shaped crayon pays tribute to the contemporary architecture of the United Kingdom

Creaon is a multi-use toy that draws inspiration from the unique street architecture of the UK. It focuses on the creative, open-ended imaginations of children aged 1 to 6. Made of soy wax, Creaon has a variety of features due to its malleability, from drawing pictures to creating different shapes, allowing children to combine gameplay with creative drawing.

The Creaon can be used despite being damaged or broken. Thanks to its wax-based construction, the crayons can still be used as fragments for coloring purposes, or as building blocks for construction, by stacking smaller pieces one above another to create larger, unique builds. “When Creaon has done its job, it will exist in the form of cute paintings for children rather than space hogs for parents”, said designer Tian Menglin. “The material used makes it more environmentally friendly than regular plastic toys, and the cardboard packaging is simple and environmentally friendly.”

The Creaon is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2022.