This simple ergonomic tool makes it easier for left-handed people to write without any smudging

Over 90% of the world is right-handed, and the way we write is strongly informed by that fact… but it makes it difficult for the people who use their left hand to write/draw with. The minute you write with your left hand, you risk smudging the text with your palm every single time. The FELEF caters to a relatively small group of people but solves a large problem for them.

Created as a simple extension of the pen’s cylindrical design, the Felef helps offset your writing instrument, maintaining a safe distance between your palm and your pen’s nib. By putting the palm below the nib rather than beside it, the FELEF makes sure your palm’s always resting against the blank paper, preventing any accidental smudges.

The FELEF works with any pen, simply fastening to it using a tightening screw. Its organic design offers a more comfortable gripping experience and the fact that it is ambidextrous means you can use it with your right hand too, especially if you find your hand cramping, or if you’re working with text that’s written from right to left!

Designers: Aakash Dolas, Shruthi Iyer & Tanay Dhongade.