Clothespin-inspired mechanical pencil is sustainably made from 100% recycled plastic

Sandwiching the lead between its two halves, the PENTAPA is a relatively simple yet cool piece of stationery that’s also good for the environment. Analogous to a clothespin, the mechanical pencil uses a single-body design that’s made entirely from recycled plastic, dispelling the myth that plastic stationery should feel cheap and be disposable. “Plastic is good if it is used wisely and long-lasting”, says PENTAPA’s designer Konstantin Diehl.

Designer: Konstantin Diehl

Designed to be used pretty much the same way a clothespin is, PENTAPA holds onto leads (or even crayons) the way the pins secure clothes on a clothesline to dry. To load or unload a lead, all you do is apply pressure on the rear pegs and the compliant mechanism causes the front to spread open. Add your lead, release the pegs, adjust its height to ensure you’ve got the right amount of lead peeking out of the front and begin writing!

The best part, however, is the fact that each PENTAPA is made from recycled plastic. While regular pens (yes, even disposable ones) can use a variety of virgin plastic types, with expensive tooling, tolerances, and a lot of wastage as a result, PENTAPA simplifies the entire process by using plastic that was originally meant to be discarded. The plastic is melted and poured into a wooden mold and removed after it’s solidified.