3D-printed spectacle frames come with a hollow honeycomb design that’s made to fit your face

The process of finding the right pair of spectacles still seems to be stuck in the dark ages. It’s strange that even in the year 2022, we have to try out every single pair of spectacles until we find the ‘right pair’. Seems oddly archaic, doesn’t it? Well, Bezier is providing a rather new-age solution to a problem that hasn’t entirely been overhauled yet. Bezier takes care of the entire spectacle-choosing ordeal by bringing algorithmic scanning and generative design into the equation.

Designers: Alfredo Mendez & Fernando Ventura

Bezier creates a 3D map ofyour face simply via video, being able to plot out important points that help it design the best frames for your face. It then presents you with options designed specifically to fit your facial structure and sense of style. Once selected, the frames get 3D printed, and are guaranteed to fit you perfectly because they were made FOR YOU.

What’s unique about the Bezier frames is their rather quirky design. The frames come with a hollow hexagon lattice that gives them a moire-ish effect, making them see-through from the front yet opaque at an angle. This effect allows the glasses to ‘change color’ depending on where you look at them from. The honeycomb structure also gives the frames strength without the excess weight, making them perfectly lightweight too!

The Bezier frames are a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2021.