DJ with a Real VJ

You’ve been to some shows. People up on stage singing and dancing, bands playing amazing music with some lights behind them. Have you seen Slayer? They’ve got a gigantoric screen behind them. Not only does their music explode people’s eardrums, the visuals explode their eyeballskins. What’s new in that? It’s faderTouch. A rear projection touchscreen interface developed by VJ Fader, aka James Cui.

With a 400 lumen projector and an infared touch screen panel, you’ll be bright. With a steel frame construction and collapsibility, all carried easy by a turntable road case, you’ll get reeespect.

Designed to hold custom visuals, comes standard with visual performance software programmed in Processing. And not only can it project wild visuals, with the touchscreen you bet you can play wild audio as well! Multiple instruments programmed in to make this screen a brand new instrument in and of itself!

I’ll take a tester please thank you!

Designer: James Cui (VJ Fader)

faderTouch by James Cui (VJ Fader)



  • Lamah says:

    What advantage does this (rather dim looking) rear-projection design have over a nice bright regular monitor with a capacitive touch-sensitive overlay?

    • VJ Fader says:

      Yes, there are many touchscreen monitors that are commercially available these days. faderTouch is unique because it is a performance oriented interface. In my case as a VJ (video jockey), the audience can see what I’m doing from the front and back side of the touch screen, therefore I’m no longer “hiding” behind a computer monitor.

      The image might look dim in this video, but 400 lumen is pretty bright at such close distance to the screen, works great in a dark concert venue or a club environment.

      • Lamah says:

        The screen isn’t transparent, so you’ll still be “hiding” behind it. And it looks much too small for any of the audience to ever want to look at.

      • Derrick says:

        When will we be able to purchase a fadertouch unit?

      • Derrick says:

        When will we be able to purchase a fadertouch unit?

  • Nice design, must have some great advantages.

  • SkyWay says:

    can’t see any advantages in this and that sketchy program does not seem to be able to show/sound anything nice or coordinated…so if you ARE an abstract, indie, experimental musician then nice 🙂

    It’s just a funneh plaything 😐 neat retrodesign, but seems useless in every way.

  • achachilas says:

    como se puede fabricar FaderTouch

  • Cicada says:

    This is beyond cool. I wonder though if the 400 lumen projector is really necessary. Since it is such a short distance he should be able to get away with using a small pico projector like the SHOWWX or similar. It would reduce power and heat as well while making the entire he has there more mobile.

  • VJ 9INCH says:

    hiding/transparent or not is not an quite issue here.
    i don’t think you understand how VJ works a d ever seen real one at scene.
    from VJ perspective, this tool is quite effective for performance wise so you can monitor crowd, comp screen and visual on the wall at the same time.

    and yes, it cant be totally transparent to receive lights from project of course. (half transparent is right)

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