This Cybertruck-inspired gaming mouse is built like a tank!

I’m not sure if this one’s bulletproof though…

Meet Battletank, a heavy-duty gaming mouse built with purpose. The purpose being to absolutely dominate on the virtual battleground. It sports a unique paneled design that takes inspiration from armored vehicles like tanks (although the Cybertruck definitely feels like a strong point of reference here). The paneled design allows the Battletank Gaming Mouse to have up to 4 buttons and a scroll wheel, along with a set of LEDs on the front that light up when the mouse is connected to a device.

Designer: Chia Mao Hung

The Battletank mouse’s split surface form factor comes with its own distinct set of advantages. Sure, it isn’t the most ergonomic mouse you could dream of, but the individual buttons/panels are detachable for customizability, and can even be spaced further apart to make the mouse wider/longer to fit your hand better.

A screw lets you control the Battletank Gaming Mouse’s width and length, increasing or decreasing clearance between buttons either for comfort or for better control. The panels can also be swapped out for different ones with graphics on them – the designer’s also demonstrated a set of panels with the camouflage pattern, inspired by actual battle tanks on the field.