This eye candy superbike has a café racer persona fused with moto GP character

Striking the right balance of design awesomeness and functional practicality is hard for most automotive concept designs. Either they weigh in heavily for next-gen looks or inculcate features that can very remotely justify the design. Both ways, it’s not a win-win situation for readers seeking out future automobiles that’ll make the cut in real-life scenarios.

Fortunately, this concept bike design by JiaYan Li ignites my vision of a future two-wheeler that the world could see for real on the freeways. A ride with the right mix of looks, an eco-conscious electric drivetrain, and presumably enough power under the hood for that adrenaline rush down the freeway.

Designer: JiaYan Li

The iNSTINCT electric motorcycle has an elongated wheelbase for a semblance of café racer aesthetics but only to a degree wherein, it doesn’t lose its sports bike appeal. At first glance, the superbike’s front seems like the rear section, it is so far ahead of the headlights – something akin to the modded cruise bikes versions. The color combination here is also determinant in bringing out that X-factor to appeal to a broader set of audience. Gen-Z riders who don’t mind the flamboyance in things they own.

This concept motorcycle draws me with its magnetic charm that grows, the more I stare at it. That inclusion of cool orange with white matched perfectly with the dark grey metal and silver finish. The wishbone suspension supports the whole rear and front frame which has an asymmetrical geometric shape. Those headlights have a very Cyberpunk vibe, and it follows down to the swingarm cover. Overall the iNSTINCT electric bike is a winning blueprint that could make it into the real world someday.