This greenhouse-mimicking dome helps harvest rainwater and foster sapling-growth

The Agrodome is environment friendly in more ways than you’d think. Sure, it creates a greenhouse-like environment for plants, enabling better growth, but it also comes made from recycled plastic waste! The Agrodome is made from PET sourced from recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are cleaned, pulverized, and remolded into these domes, which go on to help nurture plants by creating the perfect conditions required for plant-growth!

Outwardly, the dome looks a lot like a clear plastic umbrella. It comes with a dome that transforms inward into a long funnel-shaped structure. This structure is the Agrodome’s support system, and fits right into the soil, funneling water directly into the ground (whether it’s rainwater or artificially-controlled water). The rest of the dome helps mimic the effect of a greenhouse, trapping radiation from the sun to create a warmer environment on the inside, while perforations allow oxygen to vent out. The dome’s central support wedges right into the soil, and can be height-adjusted as the plant grows, creating the perfect outdoor environment for delicate saplings. This means saplings can be directly cultivated in the ground on-site, rather than being first germinated in a nursery before being transported and repotted. When the plants are all grown and self-sufficient, the Agrodomes neatly nest within each other, for easy transportation and storage!

Designer: NOS