Volkswagon Gen.Travel prioritizes luxurious travel over killer looks

As I always say, the electric concepts of the future are highly tilted towards a lounge-like experience with level 5 autonomy. Well, Volkswagen Group also wants to jump on board the juggernaut with its new concept electric vehicle that fades the lines between a sedan and a multi-purpose vehicle.

A set of wheels that’s equipped with an ultra-customizable interior for that sudden board meeting or working on the go for a presentation you missed to prepare just because you got stoned last night.

Designer: Volkswagen Group

This is the Gen.Travel concept that has got an ultra-futuristic vibe to it as soon as you step inside. The cabin seats transform into beds in a jiffy if you’re feeling too lazy and the ambient lights can be toggled to push you into a relaxing slumber. VW Group likes to call it the “overnight setup” and that’s not all. The EV’s seating can be reconfigured for a conference setup – four seats and a large table bang in the center. Now the ambient lighting creates the optimum atmosphere to get one in the groove.

For other times, the Gen.Travel’s seating configuration can be reclined in a number of other ways too. There are tray tables extending from the dashboard for a quick lunch on your way to the superball game. One configuration with the front seats allows augmented reality to kick in, keeping kids as well as curious adults entertained on the way to grandma’s place.

The bubble-like cabin is designed in a way to let in maximum light and make the passengers experience the outside world. Volkswagen has opted to keep the side windows at waist level to maximize outside views. While the sleep time mode slips the seats below this level, I hope the glass windows are shaded to prevent anyone from peeping in at traffic stops.

VW has opted for the gull-winged door configuration to make it easy to get in and out. On the outside it looks nothing like a current VW car -it’s too edgy and boxy – just look at that front section and the windshield area. One interesting feature, the Gen.Travel is loaded with is the Electric Active Body Control which calculates the vehicle’s movement in advance and makes the necessary adjustments to the suspension, keeping the ride as smooth as possible. The car is also capable of “platooning,” or driving in a convoy (in the autonomous mode) for extended range.

There are no details about the electric drivetrain specifications yet since this isn’t a production-intent vehicle as of now. In their press release, VW clearly mentions, “individual features may later be transferred to series vehicles.”  Currently, Gen.Travel is on show at the Chantilly Arts & Elegance festival near Paris.